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    Straight Male / 21

    I have good "pussy" or so I've been told.
    After I started wearing women's clothes around the age of sixteen every once in a while I got up the nerve to venture outside. At night I would go to a park known for gay men hanging out there. I knew that I had very shapely legs especially when I wore HI heels and a mini. I also knew this combination would get me in a lot of trouble if men saw me. So I was always careful not to be seen. But every once in a while I was seen. And these men that saw me wanted to talk to me, touch me, hold me. But I wasn't ready for that. Many of them had instant hard-ons right away. They would show me their dicks or jack off in front of me or do all kinds of nasty things just to get me to be with them. But I just wanted to walk around in sexy things and feel sexy. I knew once I decided to engage in sex these guys would fuck the shit out of me. I feared being turned into a sissy. I also feared having sex with one of these guys and getting him so turned on that he wouldn't leave me alone. He would want me to be his girl. I wasn't ready for that yet. I had to be careful and pick the right guy to have sex with. I knew I was going to do it. It was just a matter of time.

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    In my early days in high school I would dress up with my sister's clothes. At the time I would go to the mall and walk around, shopping for women's clothes. I would go into the women's restroom and use the stalls. A guy who knew me from school recognized me one day at the mall. He demanded a blow job. It was my first time. Up to then I had really only wanted to dress up. Once I gave him the blow job I wanted to get fucked really bad. I finally got fucked when I got picked up at a so he could see me play with myself. He moved to the seat next to me and played with me and let me play with him and give him a blow job. We left and he took me to his house and fucked me. I dress up and go out, but I am usually picked up when I go to the right places dressed as a guy. Guys don't hit on me when I am dressed as a girl.
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    Me and my best friend met in middle school, we'd both had already experienced the attention of an older boy. It was at a sleepover at his house that we revealed our hidden most secret, "We'd both had bottomed for an older boy!" Yes our slightly figured perfect little ass's had been fucked full of boycum and we kinda really liked it.

    As we talked about it, both of us in our tighty-whitie underpants with little boners, excited by each other's confessions admitted that we thought girls clothes were way cuter than boy's stuff. We were soon modeling his sister's panties and the such and at my house it was my sister's.

    Soon we were back at it, bottoming for older gay boys. Some of the boys loved us in boy's briefs and the special ones, mostly way older, actually men loved us in girl's stuff. It was fine times for two sissies in training, even if we didn't know it. I'm in my early twenties, twink in every way and love sneaking around in my wife's frilly panties, of course the ones I've bought for her ...;-)

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