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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    On average twice a month, more if I need to feel a huge cock up my asshole again. I book a room at a motel myself and the owner have an agreement at. Basically I suck him off, which takes no more than a minute, tops. And he allows me a free room for an hour.
    I advertise/put on my profile on an adult hook up site, and invite ONLY well endowed anal loving men to get in touch. Usually I will arrange for three men to visit me during my time at the motel. Either to fuck me separately or in a group. And each man must want to and love to eat out my asshole before and after fucking it senseless.
    It's something my much older husband hates, but I absolutely love. So I get my anal kicks from other men, and mostly men who cannot get enough of my demanding nature. I do have regular fuck buddies now, but I still invite total strangers to join our fuck club. That is if they're up to the task, enjoy anal in all it's wonderful forms and have had a trip to a clinic I know a of.
    It's not for everyone as I've found out. Some men say they can produce the goods, but when it cums to it, literally, they cannot perform. I've had men from all age ranges want to get involved, but have found it's the older men who are the one's prepared to do more for me, and to get right down and dirty on my ass.
    Pity my husband isn't one of them.

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