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    Straight Female / 29

    I hate my job. I am an artist but I can't make a living at it. I work for a large non descript company in the accounts payable department. Day in and day out. It pays the rent.

    I think I am sexually frustrated. I want to feel a man in me. At the same time I want to kiss this girl. There is a girl at work, she is in the marketing department. I would love to kiss her and suck her tits. At the same time there is this man that works in management. I would love to have him fuck me. I fantasize him fucking me at my desk. I sit with my back to the hall, I rub myself while I work daydreaming about him coming up behind me.

    Last night, I woke up and I was pretty wet. I had one of my pillows between my legs. I was dreaming of the girl at work. I was kissing her, we were on vacation at the beach, we were just kissing away while she felt me up. But it was just my pillow between my legs.

    I need something to happen. I will give myself to the man in management first. I need a man right now. I can always dream about the girl in marketing, maybe while he is taking care of me. I don't kid myself, I am not good at being without a man.

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    I'm a bi girl just a few years younger and would suggest to get co-workers off your mind and develop ways to meet good sex partners (besides Kinder and Craigslist). I'm fairly "hot" as they, say so I had no trouble engaging co-workers in the past and each time lead to an embarrassing disaster and/or getting my ass throw out of the place.

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