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    Straight Female / 29

    After a particularly bad argument with my husband about my high sex drive, he said I should abstain from sex for a while and refused to fuck me, stating his church and religious values. I genuinely tried to stick to his mandate, but I really do love cock and having my pussy and arsehole tongued. Pleading with him for sex, he told me it was still another few weeks off until he'd stick his willy in me.
    Desperate and feeling so low, I literally dragged a guy I didn't know at all, out of our nearby pub one afternoon, took him the seventy yards to our home and fucked him stupid for over an hour. His cock was amazing, curving sharply upwards, and it was so thick and meaty.
    Sucking on his dick in the pubs toilets after we chatted about sex for about five minutes, I then persuaded him to go outside, pulling him along to our home. My husband was working in Wales at the time, so I knew I had the house to myself for at least another few hours.
    Sucking on his gorgeous dick again in our lounge, I had him go down on me and we ended up in a sixty nine. It was really exciting having sex with such a handsome well endowed man, a man I didn't even know the real name of, I climaxed multiple times before he even slid his cock into my pussy.
    It was his turn to drag me up to my marital bed, and then we did everything you can imagine sexually. Every position, every dirty way of pleasuring each other and then I had him fuck me all over again, only taking my arsehole over and over again.
    Throughout he didn't wear a condom, and he came three times, each time deep inside my pussy or arse.
    By the time he left to meet his mates back in the pub, I'd had more orgasms with him in one afternoon, than I'd had with my husband in the previous six months. We'd swapped numbers and I thought to myself when we did, I was just going to be polite and take his number, never meaning to get in contact. But a few days later with my husband yet again across the border in Wales, I text him and had him call by.
    That day we stayed in my home pretty much all day having some of the best sex I can ever remember having. If I was a little drunk, which I was, the first time we fucked, then I was stone cold sober when we had sex the second time. And throughout I wanted and needed his cock like no man I'd ever had sex with.
    I might seem strange, but it wasn't until I was sucking on his cock after he'd just fucked my arsehole, cumming deep inside me, that I asked him what his real name was, and not his nickname which I had in my phone.
    Kevin calls by most weeks now, sometimes more than once and we have such a horny time doing such dirty sexual things with each other, things I know my husband just wouldn't entertain.
    I know I'm cheating on my husband, but if he won't give me what I want and need sexually, then a girl like me is only going to find a man who will.

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    I hate to tell you but I know your husband is doing a really hot bitch in Wales.
    that's why you get the short shrift.

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