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    Lesbian Female / 30

    I have a degree in Art Appreciation from a small New England College. I moved to Boston to look for work. I couldn't get anything in my field so I was working as a waitress at a chain restaurant. A woman in her early thirties came by with two young girls. The restaurant was pretty empty so she and I had a conversation, she told me about her life and I told her about mine, and she offered to help and get me a better job. I got a job working for her husband as his personal assistant downtown. I was taken in by her and she insisted that I live with them so that I wouldn't have rent hanging over my head. She let me in on her whole life, she shared her jewelry with me so that I could look professional, she bought me shoes and clothes and sent me to her hair stylist. One day she kissed me. It was a straight on the lips kiss and she told me that what she wanted more than anything was for me to kiss her back.

    Every time I started to talk about how I was doing better and now that I had a regular job I could find a place of my own she got real defensive and guilted me into staying. The hugs and kisses continued, with touching of private parts. I gave up trying to stop her, she asked that when I kissed her to put my hand on her boob and kiss her and let my heart out. There was a lot more, her husband traveled quite a bit and when he did she would ask me to come and sleep with her to keep her company. There was lots of lovemaking in bed, to the point where I would lay awake in my room wanting to go down and sleep with her when her husband was home. I didn't want to move out anymore.

    We got more and more careless until one day her husband caught us kissing in the kitchen. It was early on a Sunday morning and it was Spring outside and she took me in her arms like she always did and we were kissing when he walked in. We had been living together for two years, me working for him during the day, eating dinner together, driving in with him, and he had never caught on that she and I were having an affair right under his nose in his house.

    He put a stop to it. He told me that I needed to find another job and find another place to live. He sent her and the girls to live in Colorado where he is from. He put me out on the street. She begged him to look after me and he paid the rent on this small apartment for me until I got another job earning a whole lot less. I kept in touch with her, almost every day. She begged him almost everyday to let me come out to Colorado with them. I spoke to him almost everyday. I begged him to send me to Colorado and not to punish me like he was.

    After a year he finally relented and moved me to Colorado to live with his wife and daughters. He lives in Boston and comes out several times a year. When he comes we have to make room for him and keep up appearances. In Colorado I am employed as the family bookkeeper and secretary. It is a real job, they let the bookkeeper they had go. That is how I pay my way. After I moved out her, n the street behind our back, I was called the filly. People want to believe what they need to believe.

    We are sure that he does not have a lover. He put the ranch and house in a Trust for the benefit of his daughters with rights for his wife to live here. Our life has gone on for over eight years now, and the girls are very much aware that their mother and I are in a relationship. They don't want their parents to get divorced and a divorce is nowhere on the horizon. No one would win in a divorce. I feel that one day he is going try and make he his lover. I feel that when he is here. I have lived in his house for eight years, except for that year in that small apartment he got for me. I take care of everything for them. I know most everything about them, and their family. He keeps adding things for me to look after because he only trusts me. He tells me he trusts me, that everyone else tries to feather their own nest.

    I didn't know the day I met her that she and I would end up together. I don't think she knew that either. The feeling developed because we lived together. But the feelings are real, this is who we are. A couple of years ago we sat down with the girls and admitted our relationship to them. They knew, I'm sure they knew before we ever admitted it to ourselves.

    I never thought that I would live out West. People here are more conservative but a whole lot less judgmental.

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