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    My family was on vacation in Hawaii. At the pool I met a guy who was there on a convention. The short of it is that I went with him to his room and he had sex with me. After he had sex with me I walked out on to the veranda overlooking the pool and I could see my mom and my two younger sisters. Right then I felt kind of bad. He walked up behind me and grabbed my hips and asked me what I was looking at. I showed him my mom and sisters. He pulled my bikini down and had sex with me again while I was looking down at my mom.

    Back in the room he asked me to suck him. He said he probably wouldn't get hard again, but he wanted a long slow suck from a pretty girl. He held my face and made me look up to him, he would say 'that's my baby, keep daddy happy'. He never got hard again, but he got hard enough that I sucked him for a long while until I had to stop because my face hurt. We laid naked on the bed and he kissed me and held me. After a long time he said he had to get dressed because he had to go down to the dinner party and I should go back to my mom.

    I didn't tell him that I had never had sex, or that I was a junior in high school. He gave me a business card in case I was ever in the San Francisco area to look him up. The next morning for breakfast I saw him, he was with a young woman, she was holding his hand. A lightning bolt went through me, my chest hurt, my mother asked me what was wrong. I felt really guilty and I told my mom what I had done. I thought she was going to yell at me, but she didn't. She told me I was careless, but what was done was done. I had his card in my purse so I showed it to her. She kept the card, just in case. She could see the girl with him and she told me she looked more like his daughter than some floozy.

    Later that afternoon we were shopping in the gift shop and that girl was there. My mom pushed me towards her and told me to go find out. Not knowing was going to eat me up. I didn't have the courage so my mom walked over to her and started talking. She took her finger and held her ring finger and said she must not be on her honeymoon. My mom was very intrusive but got out of her that she was there with her dad and that she was at school in Arizona and that this was her chance to vacation in Hawaii and they were going to the Arizona memorial the next day. My mom invited herself telling her that we wanted to do the same and she was sure it was ok if we came along, she and my two sisters and me. My dad had a golf game going.

    The next day, when we met her dad, it was very awkward for me. My mom was very up front, asked him a thousand questions, and put me to get along with his daughter and look after my two sisters. The whole day was awkward, from getting on the bus to go over to the memorial, to seeing the memorial and coming back to the hotel. By the time we got back his daughter and I were talking a lot and she was really into helping my sisters get the most of their trip to the memorial. For the next two days she hung out with us, at the pool, at lunch, she went shopping with us.

    On the last night we were there, my family, mom, dad sisters and I went to dinner with him and his daughter. When dinner was over my mom asked me to go to the restroom with her and she told me on the way that I needed to get free and talk to him and let him know that I was going to remember my holiday, but that it should not have happened and if there were any consequences that I was going to let him know. My mom was serious this time and she told me he needed to get on the plane worried sick that he had another baby on the way. And that I should be worried sick that I was going home with a baby on the way. I didn't get the moment to talk to him about anything like that, it was just that moment when we said goodbye and he held my hand and kissed me on the cheek

    I wasn't pregnant, but I got the message. I stayed love sick for him for a long time. His daughter and I stayed in touch and when I was doing my college rounds I wanted to go out to Arizona to check out the college. She was still there working on her Masters. I wanted to go there but my mother convinced me that was a bad idea. Better to live with a memory than ruin it with reality. If he had wanted me he would have come for me. But to realize that a middle aged man wasn't going to want to put up with a teenager.

    I remember vividly my afternoon in Hawaii. I am still in love with him. After college I touched base, and I went out to San Francisco to see him. He was very warm and kind with me and we had a memory kiss that will last a lifetime. But I knew that it was better to just leave it at that. I want the memory. I still feel his hand on my face while he caressed me and asked me to make daddy happy.

    You just can't fall out of love. I think of him everyday.

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