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    Straight Female / 37

    I live in a garage apartment. The man who owns the house came into the apartment to look at the water heater. While he was there he went into the bathroom where the water heater closet is and I had left a pair of panties on the floor and he walked out with them and asked me if they were mine. He started to chase me around the room to check and see if I had panties on. He pushed me onto the bed and spread my legs and got his face into me. I did have panties on so he just dug his face into my panties. I managed to throw him off but all that did was get him more aggressive and after grabbing me again and throwing me on the bed he told me to lay still.

    He took my panties off and he was very aggressive. He finished with me and told me that I was what he liked and he was going to be visiting me often. When he came up to see me to make sure that I had taken my panties off, he didn't want this fight again.

    He comes up once or twice a week, usually when his wife is out. Sometimes he just came up, he checks under my skirt and he has fast sex. Sometimes he has me get undressed. Sometimes he wears my panties. Sometimes he has me bend over and hold on to a chair. Sometimes he sits in my reading chair and has me lean over him and feed him. Sometimes he has me lay on my back and he eats me. Sometimes he has me get down on the floor and suck him. He loves sniffing my panties, to take them off and he puts them on his face and smells them. He liked to wear them, and have me mouth his penis while he wears my panties.

    I went from a woman without any attention to a woman who was doing things I had only read about. I hated for him to come to see me because I knew he as going to have sex with me. If he didn't come I paced around the apartment waiting for him. I learned to take my panties off and put them on his face and kiss him through the panties. I learned how to bend over and have him take his pleasures with me. I bought some lubricants on line and I learned how to have anal sex.

    I am a school counselor. My job requires me to work with children. During the day when I am listening to some child's issues, I am thinking about what to expect when I see him next. So many days I go to work after having had anal sex the day before. What would these children think if they knew their counselor was fucked silly, or that she crawled on the floor and gave a man a blow job. What would my colleagues say if they knew that I took my panties off the night before and let the man wear them and I suck on my panties and mouth his penis and suck his cum through the panties.

    I am disgusted with what I do. When I think about it. But when he is ready for me, I am willing to do anything. There is a monster in me I never knew about. Nothing is sacred anymore, nothing is off limits anymore. I am a sex doll for him, he just walks up the steps of the apartment and knocks and walks in. He knows I am waiting for him. I can't wait for him to come up the stairs. Tonight, tomorrow night, any night.

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    If this is true and you dont want him to do it, its called r**e and you should turn his bitch ass in.

    If you welcome him to do it, well, enjoy it I guess...
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    what you do is your own business and no one,s else. you went from

    no loving to getting your pussy eaten. if you didn't want this to

    happen, you would have stopped it a long time ago. you have what

    most women dream of and wish they were getting, be safe and enjoy it.
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    Apparently, you live in a third world country, where there is no rule of law and women have no defense against abuse. Certainly, that must be it because you cannot be that stupid, or can you?

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