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    Bi-Sexual Female / 43

    I have been married to my husband for about 7 years, he's amazing and sweet and a really good step-father to my kids. I have a 17 year old son and a 15 almost 16 year old daughter. Since me and my husband first started dating he showed me how to be a Dom/sub and I obey him, after a few months of dating we developed more into master/ slave role. The sex as been amazing ever since. I love being owned by him. Now the reason I came to this site was to get something off my chest that happened recently. Me and him hosted a party with a few couples and other swingers and the kids stayed at the neighbors house. Well towards the end of the night as we're cleaning up and everyone is leaving our kids come home and go to their rooms. Well me and hubby are on the back patio cleaning when he walks up behind me and tells me to immediately strip, so I did he bent me over the table in front of me. He told me not to move till he says otherwise. Well he starts fucking me with his fingers using 4 at once it didn't take long for me to squirt everywhere. My son came into the backyard as I was missing orgasm. This was the first time my son ever "walked in on us" my husband greeted him and told me not to speak or move. As I laid on the table motionless I hear my son walk closer towards my husband and then they whispered. Finally hubby smacked my ass and told me to stand up so I did. Then he had me stand in front of them and get on my knees, he told me to open my mouth till a cock goes in then I could suck. My son pulled out his cock and made me beg to suck it, I hesitated a little while till my head got shoved on it I had to talk dirty as much as possible. My son degradingly face fucked me for awhile till he had me go hands and knees so he could really fuck me.

    My son is hung like his father. So when he rammed every inch in me I came hard and loud. Once every inch vanished inside me I begged more for him to fill me with his cum which he did abruptly after starting. After my son came in me I cleaned his cock off and he walked inside. After we cleaned my daughter finally came outside herself and my husband made me eat her out after he creampied her .

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    Thats a hot story and I'm sure in the middle of lust it all seemed acceptable but I would be concerned about your kids and the structure of the family. You being your husbands sub is fine, but you arent your sons and daughters sub. What happens when daddy is gone and horny son wants to fuck you? Or you tell him to do his homework and they refuse?

    Its very hot what happened and I'd loved to watch that, but theres just so much wrong about a man letting that happen with his kids and his wife. Sorry to be the voice of reason, lol. To each his own, but I think if its true it will lead to problems.
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    All BS

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