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    Straight Female / 26

    Since my husband is out of town for a couple of weeks for work, I decided to just be lazy today and stay in bed. I was in bed with one of my toys when my phone rang. I answered it, but kept my toy in place.

    It was my best friend, we have known each other since preschool and still live in the same town, she was calling to see if I wanted to go to lunch. I told her "Sure." and we started talking about where to go. All of a sudden she stops and asks: "What is that buzzing?" Then she started laughing and said: "You're playing aren't you?"

    I blushed so hard I thought my face was burning up, but she kept on asking until I finally told her, "Yes."

    The next things she said surprised me, "Good for you!"

    She knows Jim has been away for a week and a half. Then she told me, "I want to here you doing it."

    My mind was racing, my bff wanted to hear me playing. Through the years we have seen each other naked literally hundreds of times and there has never been any sexual attraction. My heart just about stopped when she said, "Let's switch to video chat, I want to see you do it."

    She hung up, then back came the request for a video chat. My finger was trembling so much that I almost missed the button to accept. The screen came on and I was in full view for her to see, but to my shock, so was she--completely naked.

    She reached into her night stand and took out one of the largest rubber cocks I have ever seen, and started rubbing it across herself--pressing it between her breasts, licking it, and rubbing it all over, then she did it. She looked at me and said, "I've always known you were a cheap slut too! I'm going to fuck you with this dildo today."

    I froze watching her lube that huge toy, then slide it across her pussy a few times, then press it in. I then saw a side of her that I had never even suspected. "Slide it in bitch! I want to see you fucking too."

    I reinserted my vibe and did as she commanded. We phone sexed orgasm after orgasm for a couple of hours until she was laying there just watching me and said, "Wear something sexy to lunch slut, we are going to continue this in person. See you at Three Sheets at noon."

    Then ended the chat.

    I feel like I am back in middle school, and sneaking off into the woods to play show and tell with that boy, but instead it is with my best friend. I lover her like a sister, the sister that I never had at home, and now we are going to be lovers. Neither of us are lesbian, not even bisexual, but I want to be with her so much now.

    Five inch stiletto heels, red, with shiny black stockings and garter. A red leather mini that I have not worn in years, no panty or bra, and a sheer "white" three quarter sleeve button up blouse. Blood red nail polish, lipstick, and full mascara, shadow, and liner. I look like I am going to stand on a street corner looking to party.

    I feel like I have lost my mind, but I really want this. Wish me luck.

    Crazy "Straight" Girl

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    Please update
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    You are as "straight" as a pretzel.

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