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    My boss asked me to keep an eye open for some youths who had been seen around some holiday caravans we have down in the meadow ready for the summer.All were as i had left them apart from one tucked away where little things had been moved.and an outhouse the youths seemed to using.A few little traps confirmed someone was getting into the caravan using a key so i placed a tiny hidden camera and linked it to my computer.I am glad i never told anyone as i was in for a real treat as the wife of my boss entered the caravan.problem solved.but then this lad came in no older than me and her arms were straight round his neck and kissing him.Jane has a nice figure for 45 but id never seen so much of it naked,she`s really nice and he was working her panties of licking at the perfect peach legs wrapping round his neck and my own cock was in my hand .He fucked her and then took her from behind,where her expression made it obvious she had come.Iv watched her several times now and needless to say Iv never caught anyone.not even the Youths shagging in the outhouse.Summer is coming so the visitors will put an end to it all.Spying on them would have to be a big no no.

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    Wow love it

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