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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    I'm not sure about putting this out here, but it might make me feel a little better.
    My uncle used to get off with me on his lap.

    Whenever my parents went dancing or to the movies, I'd have to stay with a babysitter. Anyway, I remember she stopped coming over. I found out years later that she had gotten pregnant.

    So sometimes I'd have to stay with my uncle (on mom's side). He lived close by.
    I remember he smoked pot and drank beer in front of me.

    Well, at first, it was fine. I would sleep in the back bedroom and he would stay up until my parents came home.
    One night he let me watch a scary movie and I couldn't sleep. I thought someone was going to get me or something.
    He said I could watch TV with him for a while. I sat with him on the couch for about an hour until I couldn't keep my eyes open. He said to sit on his lap and he would take care of me while I rested.

    It was some time later that my eyes came open. The volume was really low and there was a naked lady and guy on TV and they were really going at it. To make matters worse, my uncle was slowly rocking me forward and backward against himself. The movement was barely noticeable, but the stiffness in his crotch was hard to miss. When I cleared my throat, he suddenly changed the channel and picked me up and carried me off to the back room. He didn't stay or anything. He just pretended that nothing happened.

    I'm not sure how long it was, but as soon as I was over again, he insisted that we watch scary movies. The pattern repeated. That time he picked me up and tried to sit down with me facing him in his lap. I just said it was uncomfortable. It was too because he was already hard. It wouldn't go very far, but he started wearing old sweatpants with nothing underneath. I remember feeling everything moving down there. It was rolling around under me until it went soft. I didn't even move. I could feel my heart beating hard. I knew what he was doing, but I felt a little bit like it wasn't a big deal. Kind of like having a secret.

    He moved farther away and got married. I moved on and really didn't think much about it until I saw him a few years back. It was as if he didn't even remember me.

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    My uncle did similar things with me from pony rides on his thigh to the usual sitting on his lap, On one evening we were watching tv it was winter so we were both on the sofa unde a blanket, I was as usual on his lap feeling him getting hard under me as he always did which to be honest although I was 11 at the time I kinda liked and I would sort of squirm making him harder, This particular night it went a little further as I felt his hand under my skirt and rubbing the front of my panties as I sat still he got bolder and slipped his hand inside them, I was scared but curious and a little horny I guess so I didn't do or say anything to stop him, His fingers were playing with me as I felt his hardness throb under me I got those magic tingles and closed my eyes listening to his very heavy breathing as I enjoyed the feelings I was having from his fingers he suddenly stiffened and grunted and I closed my legs tightly on his hand, After that night we did the same thing many times and by the time I was 13 we were doing it naked too.
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    when I was 6, my stepdad will always watch horse racing with me when my mom was not at home
    he asked me to pretend like horse racing, sometime he was the horse, sometime I was the horse
    when I was the horse, he was the jockey
    he did not sit on my back, his hands grabbed my waist and he would use his crotch to grinding my butt

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