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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    I was 18 bout 130 lbs white and had just a few jo experiences with friends. I was at ballys gym after a work out sitting in the locker room in my white briefs on the bench. 25ish dude walked up with a towel on from showers and his locked was right above mine. I looked up at him as he reached in and noticed how chiseled he was . he began to kind of notice me looking at him as he opened his towel and backed up a step still pretty close though and proceeded to dry his hair with it. While he did that I took the opportunity to gaze at his cock which was fairly long cut and really thick with just a semi going. I kinda locked on so as he finished drying his hair and moved to dry other areas he began looking at me. I was only marginally aware of it as he began to dry his cock and balls which made him more erect, as i continued to stare at his cock and big hanging balls he stepped in closed and began to slowly stroke his meat right in my face. I didn't know what to do cause i never gave head before ,i started kissing his muscular hairy thighs while reaching around to grope his rock hard ass. I eventually made my way to his balls and kissed and licked them till he quivered and I had not even made it to his cock before he stiffened up and shot cum all over the place. after he came i put my face up against his cock and kissed the head really pressing into it when some more cum oozed out onto my my face close to my mouth we heard foot steps and broke it up ,felt awkward so I dressed and left , my first almost blowjob lol

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