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    Straight Male / 42

    Hey what's happening everybody out there. This is my first confession. So I am an at home nudist. That is when my sister isn't around the house. But she came home early from work and caught me completely naked.And since then, my sister has started wearing very skimpy clothes around the house. Yoga pants that that you shouldn't wear in public, booty shorts that look really small. Seeing her in clothes like that has even caused me to get hard. So is it wrong that I get hard from seeing her dressed like that. And is it wrong that I'm beginning to enjoy it?

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    YEAH. And HELL YEAH. Sex with any relation is a sin and you are committing one of the worst sins for even thinking of sex with your sister. GOD sees you and you'll have to answer to HIM when that time comes. GOD BLESS YOU and my advice is to stop right now, pray to GOD for forgiveness and don't even think of it in the future.
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    #1 go fuck yourself with your DOG

    #OP It is okay, but your story is a lie, so it doesn't matter.
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    If you were a true nudist you would not be getting erect at every whim. The wife and I are nudist home and socially for 20 yrs now. True nudism isn't about sex. Does sex happen well of course but no different than any other normal setting. Erections are frowned upon in social nude settings unless it's in a particular venue for that.
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    This story might not fit the present confession but as a younger man I was in the Air Force station in Florida on the beach. There was a nudist colony just up the beach and several other Airmen would often talk about it. So, one Sunday I was working, an Air Police, and a buddy of mine kept talking of going there to observe. I picked him up, he was off duty, and I had a jeep assigned to me and I took him up the beach, the tide was out, and I pulled up near the wooden fence, about 8 feet tall, and let my friend stand on the hood so he could see over. He was smiling therefore I knew he was seeing something. I asked him, "Are they girls or boys?" He said, "I can't tell. They aren't wearing any clothing." WOW!
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    Response to reply No 3
    Our family are nudist and erections are not frowned upon in the nudist community, it is a male normal reaction there is nothing wrong, it is ignored and not commented on, as every man will know at times you get an erection for no reason it just happens it stands up when you don't want it to and will not go down till its ready, women become sexually excited but it dosent shoe on them my wife and daughter have admitted, the comments from reply no3 are very narrow minded and immature people,
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    What the #5 said. It is NOT frowned upon. Our family are nudists, but although my sister and parents continue being naked at their homes, I don't continue it in my life. There is no reason why. For our parents nudity were expressing and embracing the nature. For me it was just that I felt good, but because of my life, I wear clothes now.

    I have been naked with my sister together sometimes and I have had got a what you called a raging hard on, not just "lifting its head" as you usually get, but I mean really throbbing hard on and it have never bothered anyone. Sometimes it have happened because of her, sometimes for example because of seeing erotic scene in the movie or sometimes just because it just happen.

    I have seen my dad having a hard on when we were living at home. Now that he is old, it is more rare. I have also seen other male members at the nudist community having hard ons, and it was just natural.

    I have seen my sisters nipples being hard and her vulva being red and I knew she was aroused. There is a difference between normal reactions, harrassing people with it, or being sexually active. Naturists know it is not about erection, but how you act with it. Simple erection is not frowned upon at all.
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    lucky you
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    you have a horny sister
    if she keeps wearing yoga pants and small shorts,then enjoy the view

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