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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    Whenever I go on business trips i checkout the gay bars. Around eight pm, I go in to see whatâs going on. I usually figure it out pretty quickly then check out the parking lot and the streets around it. Orlando and ft lauderdale have some very interesting clubs. Around ten or eleven I get dressed feminine gay sexy and go back. I get off wearing panties, nylon short shorts and a ladies silky blouse tied in front. Ladies flats and masquera make my intentions obvious. Some gays are into fem boys and turning them on flips my switch. It doesn't take long for a guy to invite me to his car for sex and depending on how much he turns me on and how long I have gone without cock, I start walking. Sometimes, guys want to makeout and play with me but most of the time, they are hard and ready for sex as soon as we get in the car. Iâll love it either way. I do Whatever they want but love it best when they just push my head down ruffly and say suck my cock. If I like them and want to be with them again, I suck their cock oh so so good. If not, I get them off fast, pull my panties up and go back into the bar. I am a feminist gay whore. I have been since I started watching my mother get dressed pin-up style for her dates. Later in the evening, I like walking on dark streets hooker style teasing and flirting. I pull up my panties real tight and my short shorts to show my cheeks. I fix my makeup and brush my hair slutty and get in cars with guys. We park close by and I go down on them. A big hard cock to suck off rocks my boat and making them shoot cum in my mouth is my reward. I was invited to a gay motel party last week. My date told me to put on full pin-up style make up, pink nylon panties and stelleto heels. He watched while I dressed up for him and his friends came in, saw me and unzipped their pants. I knew I was going to be gang fucked in every fuck hole. At first, I just let them look. I walked around playing with my panties and teasing them into a frenzy. I then bent over the bed and said will somebody please pull my panties down. Two seconds later, I felt a stiff cock sliding into my ass. Two seconds later, another sliding into my mouth. My two other dates were watching, stroking their cocks and waiting for their turn. I was in gay heaven.

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