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    Straight Male / 36

    My brother-in-law came over to help me with some work around the house. His wife came along too and spent her time with my wife. It was very hot day and we were drinking and slowly getting very drunk. By the end of the day we were very sweaty and our wives told us we stunk bad and should go have a bath. We stripped and literally walked to the bathroom naked. It was the first time either of our wives had seen the others husband naked. Our wives must have been in disbelief and followed us to the bathroom. I would never have done this if I was sober but me and my brother-in-law stepped into the shower together. Our shower is a glass enclosure so you could easily see what we were doing and our wives were watching. I tried to soap my back and had difficulty so my brother-in-law said he would help. Soon we helped each other and were lathering each other up. We literally were lathering every bit of each other up including parts that me should not have been touching but I guess being drunk we didn't even considered how it must have looked. We probably looked very gay.
    Once we were done and stepped out of the shower our wives were in utter shock. It was his wife who first said it was so HOT watching us and my wife quickly added it got her wet between the legs.
    The next day it began to sink in. We didn't actually do anything sexual with each other but anyone watching us would have easily thought we were gay. We did have each others privates in our hands at different times so that in itself most may consider to be a gay act.

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