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    Straight Male / 46

    I am 56 and a friend gave me a couple of massage coupons as a birthday present. He highly recommended them, the massage place is a couple of blocks from our office. After several months he got on my case so I booked a lunch hour massage, which meant I had to get a sandwich and eat at my desk which I hate.

    The masseuse is a black man, early fifties, played college ball but washed out for the pros. The massage room had the table and a music box and low lights and he started with my feet, my calves, my thighs, my chest, my neck, my back, I was on my back and he told me my friend had requested that he give me a full massage. He put his warm hands on my buttocks, when I resisted he told me to lay still, it was a massage and all the athletes did it.

    Several long minutes went by, it felt good, he obviously had experience, I was naked on the table as he had taken the towel off, he poured warm lotions on my butt and he massaged my butt and my upper thighs. When I was totally relaxed he poured this warm lotion between my cheeks and in a swift motion he pushed a finger right up my rectum. His other hand moved quick to push me down onto the table.

    His voice got hard and authoritative as he started to massage my prostate. He told me that when he was playing ball he found out that is the main reason boys would be boys and butt fuck, to feel that feeling of having a hard dick in their ass massaging them from the inside. He asked me if I had ever had a hard dick in my ass, not to laugh because most all his clients opted for the hard dick when given the chance.

    He massaged me with his finger until I felt I was ejaculating, he told me to enjoy that he had cleaned up so much during his career that it never bothered him any more. He just wanted me to feel relaxed enough to stop holding back and just let it all out. His finger, his hand on my back, and the rhythm against the towel under me and I ejaculated. When I was done he turned me over and got a hot towel out of a pan and he gently massaged my genitals, my balls, my penis, my perineum. He told me the hard dick option is always open, and to remember the hard dick wanted a tight ass, so it was a win win.

    I became a regular client and had to take over the expense. A full massage, including a prostate massage is a hundred bucks, something I can't afford but every other week. A hard dick, if it's black, is two hundred, and if it's white it's one hundred fifty. Black is better, for the price difference black is worth saving up for. I can't really afford it, but I can't stop going either.

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    My wife and daughters gave me an "Executive Massage" for my 38th birthday. That was my first massage and the first time anyone ahd shoved a finger in my jock ass. It too a few minutes to relax and begin to enjoy the prostrate masage and, when I did, my cock got stone hard. I was on my back with my knees bent and after not objecting to his stroking my cock I felt him slide it into his mouth. I blew so hard my body quivered but I managed to push his head all the way down on my cock. I go once ot twice a month, depending on finances, for a our massage which ends with us sucking and fucking each other and, on a few occasiona, one of the other male massuers join for a 3 way.

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