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    I met him on holiday. We met at the hotel. When I got back from holiday I got a letter from him. It was long and full of nonsense. But I felt obliged, or rather my mother obliged me, to answer him. I wrote a nice two paragraph letter telling him how nice it was to have met him. I got another letter, just as long, we are talking three pages. Again my mother obliged me to answer, hand written letter, no cards. It just wouldn't end. He wrote me and I had to write him back. We were fourteen, I lived in rural Virginia and he lived in Texas.

    Then, when I was sixteen I got a letter that said he wanted to come see me. He had gotten his driver's license and he was going to drive from Texas to Virginia to see me. My hand trembled writing him back. My mother made me rewrite the letter a dozen times until I said I was so excited for him to come see me, but please be careful because Texas was really far away.

    When he came, he was driving this old pick up, and he took me down the road to the Dairy Queen. We talked, he was all grown up talking to me. When he dropped me off my mother asked me how it had gone, and I told her he was too old for me. We were both sixteen. She said, try again. God, what did she see in this? We made arrangements for him to sleep over at some friends and the next day my mother had a backyard cookout with all the neighbors and friends for everyone to meet my boyfriend from my holiday. She said 'boyfriend' when she asked everyone to come.

    She shoved me over there, hold his hand, show him how much I appreciate him coming to see me. Hold his hand. Hold his hand.

    That evening, after everyone had gone home, we sat in the living room. Just the two of us. With nothing to talk about. He asked me if I was going to college. He wanted a college educated wife. My mother came in and served some drinks and cookies and told me to get over there and sit beside him. I sat with my arms across my chest. My mother came in and excused herself, got me by the hand and took me into the kitchen and told me to get back out there, sit beside him, hold his hand and show him that I was interested.

    Since he was staying with friends he had to leave around seven, and I had to walk out with him to that pick up truck and let him kiss me good night. My mother came in and sat on the bed with me and told me about the birds and bees and that boys came back for the honey and I better give him some honey to come back to. I wasn't going to do better in that town and this boy was college bound and I was going with him.

    The next day, he was starting his drive back after lunch, I was left alone with him and I was told to get him to have sex with me. If I didn't he wasn't going to come back for me, grab his hand and put it on my boob, grab his penis in his pants, lean back on the couch and pull him on me. No pants, just an easy skirt for him to get his hands under and pull my panties off. Give him the honeypot and you own the bear.

    We wrote back and forth for two years, when it was time to graduate from high school he chose a school for me in Texas, he said it was a good school to go to and become a teacher. It was out of state tuition, so I had to move to Texas, work for a year and then go. He sent me the plane fare and met me at the airport and drove me to meet his parents, who I had not seen since the holiday when I was fourteen. He put me in his room, in his bed and said he would be on the couch. I was going to live there and when we got married we would sleep together.

    Not sleeping together didn't mean he didn't come by for his share of honey. It may have been his honey pot, but he gave me no respite, and I told him if he was going to be seeing me like that every day we might as well get married because I was his wife anyway. I got married, and that made me a Texas resident and I got into college.

    Everyone was happy. He was happy. My mother was happy. My mother in law was happy. I was married, nineteen, trying to get some classes under me, pregnant with my first child, living with my in laws. For whatever reason, not my doing, I ended up pregnant every year for four years. I finally finished my college education with four kids.

    It's been a long time now, my parents and his parents are passed, we live in Texas and our kids are having their kids. He is still all adult around me, always has been, and I am still wondering how it was that a chance meeting on holiday sent me down the path of marrying a boy from Texas, having four kids and spending my life as a teacher. That fourteen year old girl on holiday never though about any of this. She just wanted to be left alone.

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    I'm sorry.
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    A very strange story by one who is spineless.

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