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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    I'm a bisexual, divorced male who works rotating shifts in local hospital. After I divorced the married man who lived beside me and my wife came to visit me in my new condo. He came by several different times before he asked if I was getting any "strange pussy." I responded that my hand was my best friend, as it was while married. He indicated he was in the same boat - lucky to get pussy a couple of times a month. Our conversion progressed to open-mindedness and then he asked if I every had a blow job from a man. Within a few minutes we were in my bed sucking and fucked each other.
    When he knows I am home during the afternoons he comes by as often as possible as he's self empllyed. He called early this morning requesting to come over with a surprise for me. When he arrived he had this good looking local college football jock for us to tag team. Once they got in he asked if he could call another married buddy over and the 3 of us took turns on that macho, jock, muscle bound linebacker for 2 hours.

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