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    Bi-Sexual Female / 38

    Hi, My name's Kim, I'm thirty eight and I adore having my pussy and arsehole tongued. My husband who is a lot older than I, used to enjoy sex, but nowadays he prefers going to his golf club.
    With his full knowledge and consent, I now have a number of girls and young women who help me out with my sexual needs. There isn't a single day that goes by, that I'm not entertaining one of my beautiful females, having them lick me out and worship my pussy.
    It helps now that the weather is improving, as it gives me lots of chances to wear the appropriate clothing to attract other like minded females. I'm a very fit, slim and attractive woman. I know I turn men's heads and would have them fuck me, but I've chosen only to have sex outside of our marriage (For now) with females.
    Wearing short skirts and no underwear, gives me the chance to show girls and women I've learned to know, that my sex is available to them. My pussy lips accentuate my large labia, which in turn show off my larger than average clitoris. To some women, it's not for them, but the vast majority of females who I identify as possible sexual partners, all leer at my naked pussy and drool with sexual want.
    Flashing them my pussy and arse is relatively easy, and I instantly know if they're interested. Since I've been "Allowed" to have sex with beautiful horny and very sexual women outside of our marriage, I've so far had sex with over forty different females. Their ages ranging from mid teens to the oldest (except one) being thirty one.
    Not every one has gone on to be a long term sexual partner, as most are very casual encounters which invariably take place outdoors or at their homes.
    I do have however, four females who regularly visit our home for sex. Ellie is the youngest at sixteen years, and then I'm involved with two young married women who enjoy pussy just as much as their husband's cocks. The final lady is someone I haven't mentioned yet.
    She is the sister of my husband, and is eleven years younger than he, four years older than myself. It was her who first introduced me into lesbian sex, seducing me at a family get together. As her older brother was getting himself drunk, she had her head between my legs and was licking, tonguing and sucking on my pussy and arse. In their large ancestral family home, I lay on the master bed and gave myself totally to my sister in law, and have been doing so ever since. She is such a considerate lover, never once leaving me to chance for the need of orgasm. Always, always giving me the best of times sexually with her passionate sexual skills.
    When her brother caught us in the gardens some eight months after our first wonderful encounter, he simply watched, smiled and walked away. Our conversation later at home was this "Have your fun, but I from now on have mine".
    My husband's visits the golf club for more than golf. There are younger boys who play there, and my husband enjoys their tight rear holes more than my pussy.
    It suits us both and I have the best of both worlds, as more often than not, it's me who's having sex. And sex with lots of younger married women who's husband's just don't know how to fully pleasure their wive's.

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