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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 44

    I was with a friend and we were at the park talking. It was right after lunch and we saw this man walk by and then he whispered at us from the bushes. He was masturbating. He stood there with his pants around his ankles masturbating. We watched until he squirted his stuff out. He pulled his pants back up and said thank you ladies and disappeared into the bushes. We were twelve at the time in the middle of our summer vacation. It was our first sexual experience.

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    I was a similar age to you and had a man do the same to me, But it wasn't a one off he seemed to visit the park whenever I was there, He'd whisper to me from the bushes near the swings if it was quiet and I was alone to come and watch him, I did msny times I was fascinated by what he was doing and watching him squirt, I even lifted my skirt a few times when he asked me to so he could see my panties which made me tingle nicely and once feeling daring I pulled the front of my panties down I thought he was going to pass out he was so excited he squirted quickly that day, Then just as suddenly as it started it stopped as Winter arrived and I never saw him again.
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    A old guy would masturbate outside our school. Everyone knew, he was known as the weirdo.

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