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    Lesbian Female / 29

    I am Asian, I studied here during my high school when my father was posted to the Embassy. After high school we returned to Japan, but I was in love with America. I begged and begged and my father finally agreed to send me to America to go to college. I went to NYU and lived with a Japanese family that was posted to the UN. For many they should know that Japanese are very conservative and we are not encouraged to see people who are not Japanese. I never dated anyone in college, I didn't like the Japanese men who were usually part of the delegation to the UN, and I didn't dare date any man from college.

    I got a job in a Japanese company in the international relations department and I met a woman, or girl really, there who had started working in the finance department. She was quiet and very proper and very conservative and we got along fine. We were both alone, in the most real sense. Although we were of similar height, she was more curvy, and she moved in the most seductive way. Men looked at her. But men didn't look at her as much as I did.

    One day she suggested that we take the long weekend off for Labor day and go to the beach. We chose Florida and rented a room at a hotel with a pool and access to the beach. After we checked in and went to our room, we shared a room, she suggested we get on our swimming suits and go down to the pool. She undressed and she stood there in her panties and nothing else on. I sat on the bed looking at her. She took off her panties and stood there, totally naked. She asked me to get undressed so she could see me.

    We stood in the room completely naked, she asked me to walk over to her until her breasts were touching me, she asked me to step closer, to keep my hands by my side, to step closer until our bodies were completely against each other, she asked that I push my hips against her, our faces were touching each other, we got our lips together and we kissed, we had to keep our hands to our side, she walked me back to the bed and pushed me onto the bed and she performed cunnilingus on me.

    Our hands were no longer at our side, she was grabbing my breast while she performed oral sex on me, pinching my nipples and using her other hand to finger me. I had my first orgasm. Then she lay beside me and we kissed for a bit and she let me recover. She told me she was a lesbian, and she told me she suspected I was a lesbian too. This was the beginning of my first and only love affair.

    In the Japanese way, you don't show that you are a lesbian. You work hard and you don't have time to get married. In her home being a lesbian was also a problem, so our relationship was very quiet. We lived in New York, so we could escape and go out. And we went on vacations together. But generally we had to be very careful. Over the next several years we became total lovers and companions. My visa kept me from being able to change jobs, but she had a passport and one day we got married without telling anyone and she completed the paperwork asking for me to become resident as a spouse.

    We live in Los Angeles now, we are not close to anyone in particular, although we are married we have never told anyone. Even at work we don't state that we are married. She works for large accounting firm and I work with a Japanese bank. I got my citizenship and my passport and the first thing we are going to do is take a two week trip to Europe together, as Americans. On my new passport I do use my married name, my Japanese first name and my married Spanish surname, I took her name.

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