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    Straight Female / 30

    October 10th last year, I turn thirty. October 24th my husband of three years tells me I've put a few pounds, and I shouldn't as being over thirty, he might start looking for a younger model.
    Taking it as a joke at first, I then over hear him talking to his brother over the phone. He basically said I was fat and he liked younger slimmer women.

    My point here..... I was exactly (I know I weighed myself) five pounds over the weight when we first met. He, my loving husband, has put on at least forty pounds and has lost a lot of hair.
    October 30th I decide to begin a gym fitness regime and also start to jog.
    April 8th this year. I finally look at a mirror naked and am suitably impressed by the woman staring back at me. Not only am I fitter, but my toned body, firm breasts and my gorgeous looking butt, all tell me the pain over the past few months have been worth it.

    My husband's view "You must be screwing around, slut!!!".
    Great, absolutely fucking fantastic. I'd gotten into shape for myself, but also to please my husband and all he could say was that.

    The very next morning, April 9th, jogging along one of my usual trails, I see a guy I'd seen a lot. He to me then was about twenty ish, tall and from his muscular build, an athletic person. My husband's comments came flooding back to me as I approached the younger man. Without thinking, I stopped lifted my jogging top and let the young man see my firm breasts. He stops just short of me, touches his groin area and I tell him I'd like to feel his cock inside my pussy.

    No more than fifteen minutes later, after first sucking on his impressively large cock, I'm bent over a sizable rock just off the trail, and I'm being fucked from behind like I'm a common slut. Not only does it feel amazing, it also makes me feel sexually attractive again. The first time since last October.
    Telling me he's about to cum, I get him to pull out, squat down and suck in his cock again. His cock explodes in my mouth and I take great pleasure in swallowing most of it, swilling the rest around my mouth and teeth. Not satisfied myself, I have the young man kneel down and eat out my pussy. Only seconds later I orgasmed all over his face and held him there until I was finished.

    Back at home, my husband looks at my sweated form and tells me "Hey girl, you're looking good" Grabbing me, he kisses me and puts his hand down to my pussy mound. I know he's tasting the young mans cum as we continue to kiss, but I don't care. Neither do I care when he fucks me over the arm of the sofa and lasts only a minute, before shooting his load all over my asshole. Showering, I tell myself from then on, I'm, going to fuck who I want.

    May 6th, I finally met the young man again. He tells me he felt guilty as he's got a girlfriend, then tells me I'm much fitter than her and a much better fuck. He might have been feeling guilty, but the twenty two year old and I have sex again. Firstly I have him lick out my pussy and ass, then as I lean against a tree I take his cock from behind. He also has me mount his cock as he lays on the ground, and it was then a dog walker watches us fuck.
    It's the last I see of my young jogging sex friend, but not the last of my sexapades.

    My husband has continued to fuck me. If you can call it that. It never ever lasts longer than a minute and he's usually these days stinking of alcohol.

    I still go to the gym every other day, and I jog every day except on Sundays. In the last few weeks I have met two more very willing sexual play mates. One at the gym (He helps run the place) who loves nothing more than spending time eating out my love holes until I climax multiple times. And one very horny older jogger who has more sexual stamina and cock size than my husband will ever have.

    So my husband who's nearly bald and so fat these days, can have all his opinions, and his narrow minded views. But from now on he isn't touching my body and I'm now in the process of leaving his sorry ass.

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    It took you long enough to decide to split.
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    #1 What from April the 8th. That's not long
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    You people need jesus
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    #3 What the Man City player
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    Good For You

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