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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 20

    The reason I hate him, is he lives with Dawn, yet hardly if ever fucks her. Yes she's forty four and yes she's not the best looking girl in the neighborhood. But I can tell you right now, she has one hell of a gorgeous body, and a pussy and ass to match.

    I'd love to have her sex on tap, yet he does and doesn't want it. So Dawn and I fuck when he's not around or when like most weekend nights, he's drunk. Even then we have to be careful, as his brother calls by unannounced. Dawn thinks he'd love to fuck her, but he's fat pig who tosses himself of to porn all day.

    If I could, I swear I'd take her away and have the woman and her awesome sex all to myself. Damn man, she is something special and too fine for a fat ugly drunk like him.....................................

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