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    Straight Female / 36

    Only three weeks ago I, not my husband who was too drunk to move, took our old cooker to the tip. I did get a neighbour to help me load it into my car, but I drove it to the recycling tip and struggled to get it out of the car.
    As I was struggling with the heavy old cooker, a gust of wind blew and lifted my skirt right up. In my haste to get rid of the old cooker, plus arguing with my husband about him being drunk (Again) I'd not as I rushed to get ready, put on any knickers.

    A young worker at the tip, A young man called Lee, whistled as he saw my bare arse. Walking over he helped me with the cooker, then asked me if he could sneak a peak at my arse again. Telling him he was a cheeky bastard, he replied "Yeh, that's me. Cheeky enough to say I'd love to fuck you".

    Never, not once in my marriage had I even thought about cheating on ym husband. Yet stood next to the young man with his obvious cheeky ways, I felt sexually energized and turned on. Not thinking just reacting to his words, I asked him where. Leading me by my hand behind the container the cooker was going to be place in, he took out his cock, turned me around and slid his already fully erect dick straight up my pussy.

    I didn't think to ask him about a condom, as he began to fuck me so fast and so hard. He thrust into me time after time, moving in closer so he could feel my breasts through my top. I was being used and fucked like a common slut and it felt utterly amazing. He began to tell me I was a horny bitch, and that he'd love to fuck me more often. Telling him to shut the fuck up, he renewed his efforts and sent me and my pussy into orgasm overdrive.
    I climaxed so hard, I couldn't help shouting out, and then Lee made a comment about being close moments before his cock erupted up my pussy.

    Almost as if nothing had taken place, he got himself together and was dragging the cooker into the container, when I walked back to my car. Before I drove off, he came to my drivers window and offered me a scrap of paper. Pressing the button to lower the window, I took the paper which had a mobile number on it. Lee smiled at me and said "Text me if you want fucking again. I've got a girlfriend so it'd have to be quickies outdoors, or at your place".
    Back at home ten minutes later with Lee's cum leaking out ofg my pussy, I looked down at my snoring drunken husband lay on the couch and thought to myself "Maybe I just might text him".

    For two weeks I did nothing, other than feel guilty. Then my husband walked in from football blind drunk, began shouting aboutno food being ready for him, and promptly fell asleep on the living room rug.
    Half an hour later in the back of my car, Lee was very slowly inserting his cock up my arsehole after first fucking me and my pussy to two wonderful orgasms. It wasn't the first time I'd had anal sex, but it was since I was in a previous relationship, before I met my husband. Lee's constant thrusting up my bum had me climbing the car seats, as one orgasm after another ripped through me. He might have said he only wanted quickies, but we fucked in my car for over an hour, with Lee cumming twice deep inside my pussy, then my arsehole.

    Watching tv that night I didn't once feel guilty, as my husband moaned about modern music. All I thought was, I cannot wait until Lee texts me again, because I'm going to let him do anything he wants with me.
    Lee text me last night. That was after I'd text him to say my husband would be working in Leeds for two days next week, staying overnight to save on time and travelling costs.

    It won't be a quickie when he stays over and fucks me all night and into the following day. Now all I have to do is keep on booking my husband to work (When he's sober) on stop over jobs.

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