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    Transsexual Female / 25

    I am a transgender woman and I was married to a girl. I was hiding my secret the best I could. That isn't the worst part, she had to put up with my penis.

    I call mine a penis and not a dick or cock because when I have a hard on it is a little smaller than a regular Tampax tampon. I was never able to make her make sex moans. In fact all I was able to make her do was to say, "You are not in me". I am a regular Tampax user but I only use the Tampax Ultra tampons, the largest ones four days a month and I am never without one when it is my period time.

    I had my Tampax in and I was so horny for some big hard cock. I asked my wife if we could invite one or two people for group sex. She said ok and she said she wanted Jim. She asked who I wanted. I looked her in the eyes and said John. She laughed and said really who? I said, "I want John". She said your gay. I said no I'm a girl.

    I called the men and explained the deal. I told John I wanted to be with him and that he also would have my wife. He agreed. Then I called Jim and I said my wife wanted him and he could also do me. He said ok.

    When they got there I was dressed in a sexy dress pantyhose and high heels. I reached out and fondled their cocks and said, "Wow you have big cocks, my penis is less than 2 1/2 inches hard." Jim said, "Your poor wife. Don't worry she will feel my cock". When he put it in he said, "This is the tightest pussy I ever had". My wife said, "I haven't had any dick big enough to feel much less stretch my pussy". He pushed in and she began to moan and said, "My husband was never able to make me moan. Her penis is worthless". Then John said, "Now here is your cock to enjoy". He pushed it in and I moaned so girly. My wife stopped us and she got done and got the camera and said to start again. I was moaning and begging for it deeper and harder. Then Jim put his cock down my throat. My wife said, "Fuck her so hard she walks like she still has cock in her for a week". They did. 4 days later a woman came to me and said, "He must have been a great lover to make you walk like that". I said, "He was so big and hard I wish it was still in me".

    My wife said no more pussy for me, her pussy was only for men's use. I said that was nice of her. We agreed that we were both allowed to call men over. She decided that Jim was spending the night in her bed. John came over and I slept with him holding me like I was a girl, so fucking wonderful. I woke him up with a blowjob and he loved it.

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