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    A few years back, my mother in-law was visiting us like she did 4 times a year. One night I had to work late, by the time I walked in everyone was laying down. My MIL slept in the guest bedroom on the other side of the house. She was deep sleeper and she wore hearing aids which she took out at night. My wife was feeling risky when i walked in. Needless to say i wasn't going to turn her down. my wife over the years had developed a love of me licking her ass. During our session I was working her ass hard with my tongue, she started up saying loudly yes eat my ass, stick that tongue into my ass, fuck my ass with your hot tongue. You like my taste don't you, suck my ass. At some point she called out now fuck my ass with your cock i want to feel you cum in my ass. We ended our night a while later. In the morning I got up and headed off first to my office having an early meeting at 8:30 am. My wife must have followed a few minutes later to have her coffee. It was during that time her mother came out and asked her about what kind of woman she was? My wife asked why? She plainly told her I was up last night with indigestion I was sitting on the sofa, and I heard you calling out to have your ass eaten, and how you wanted to feel his tongue in your ass, then you wanted him to fuck your ass. My told me she dropped the cup. Her mother just stood there looking at her. My felt like a little girl who was caught being bad. Her told her she didn't raise her to a slut. She told her mother that she enjoys our sex life and left for work. She emailed me and said to call er at lunch time. Which I did. She informed what had occurred. We agreed to say nothing more to her about it. By the time I got home they had talked some more and she going home early. I played dum. She went home. It was about 5 years later I had to go and over see the replacement of my MIL water heater. While I was there after the work was done she took a hot bath. When she came out she was wearing a wrap around towel. walking back to her bedroom past the kitchen where I was sitting. It was barely covering her cheeks. i could see a lot more than I wanted. She stopped at her doorway and she asked me "want to lick my ass"? Then she dropped her towel. She actually had a nice ass, and very nice hairy bush, plus those large breasts. I got up and went in behind her. Within the hour she was saying the same things my wife had. It was fun and lasted only a few months after that. She would go on and suffer a heart attack. I guess like daughter like mother. And yes I did admit it all to my wife when I got back. she mad at first but then figured her mother needed some pleasure after years of nothing.

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