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    Straight Male / 23

    My wife's sister came to stay with us for a little while last year. She works part time where we live and her home is an hour away. So when she was working here she stayed with us a couple nights a week. Now my wife is beautiful, but her sister is gorgeous. She's always wearing tight leggings or jeans that look like they've been painted on and showing off the most beautiful, perfectly round ass I have ever seen. Her tits aren't tiny, but not huge either and she's always wearing low cut tops and would always bend down for me to see. For her 5' tall frame in my eyes she's perfect: big ass, perky tits, brown hair, green eyes, and she's that perfect thickness. Not too skinny not too big. I couldnt help but let my mind wander a bit. I began to jerk off thinking about her and imagining what it would be like to fuck her, what she looks like naked, and so on. Well one day my wife says a bulb went out in the spare room where her sister stays so I go to change it and my wife leaves for a while. As I'm changing the bulb I catch something out of the corner of my eye. It was the dirty clothes hamper and laying on top was a bright pink pair of panties. I climbed off the step ladder. And went to walk out of the room. But my imagination got the best of me and I walked over to the hamper and picked up her panties and began to smell them. I could still smell a hint of her pussy in the panties. So I pulled my dick out and jerked off right then and came all in her panties she left there for me to see. Fast forward a few months. I came home from work early. And was home alone. I walked back to her room to smell her panties like I had been doing for months. Only to find she had just left before I got home. Because the panties I found were soaking wet from her pussy juices. I sucked the juices from her panties as I jerked off to the taste of her sweet pussy. But all good thingsmust come to an end. She doesn't stay with us anymore so my panty sniffing days have come to an end... for now. However, my dream of fucking my sister-in-law still remains. Perhaps one day I can make that dream a reality.

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