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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 28

    I always did it for the money. I know of no other way. As a child I would see mum go out on weekends come back from dates happy as a lark and loaded with money. One day when I was nine, she bathed me for the last time, I recall, and said, "Honey you have the sweetest little ass. If if does not flatten out as you grow up you'll be sitting on a million. I recall she buried her face in my ass cheeks and I could feel her tongue flicking my asshole, then kissing it, not realizing that she was giving me a rim job. It happened only once and I missed it until men began doing it, and many did.

    AS I grew up, mum taught me about life and my choices. Ultimately i chose what she did. She kept a limited list of ten sponsors who paid a good monthly amount to stay on the list, with those waiting to get on the list. They each saw her, horny or not, every ten days, if they wished. The calendar was open for one day. Fortunately, I got my looks from her. Unlike her, however, I do not plan to have a child. I have two crazy cats.

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