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    Straight Female / 29

    I was 17 years old when I sufferd the most embarrassing naked experience of my life. Spending a hot summer day at the beach with my girl friends and a bunch of guys form our high school, something wild was bound to happen. Walking down the beach with my girl friends in search for shells was kind of childish. Many times we had done it and found nothing but small shells and plenty of sand. Should have known taking a girly stroll and not a single guy walking with us was kind of strange but went anyway. Five minutes into the walk I sensed that they were up to something. That's when they all grabbed me, stripped off my bikini a raced back down the with it, leaving me stranded stark naked laying on the sand. It happed so fast, I just laid there in shock watching them running back to where the guys were waving my bikini in the air. I had been pranked and about to be chaced by a bunch guys searching for a naked girl. I got caught bare ass naked and forced to walk back with guys getting an eye full exposing every bit of myself and the most humiliating out door walk of my life. A memory so embarrassing that every time think of it, it feel as of it happed yesterday.

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    Sounds sexy as hell in a twisted way as I'm twisted anyways. I wanna serve as butler to a group of women, with my being naked and treated as a complete submissive too. My dream....

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