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    Gay Male / 54

    Between high school and going into the army, I was depressed and sullen. I didn't have any friends and I didn't feel like having any friends. I spent hours laying on my bed and just daydreaming. About anything and nothing. I would get together some money, usually coins that my parents left on their dresser, and when I had enough I would walk down to the corner gas station and buy some candy. The attendant was an older man from Egypt.

    One day he asked me if I liked being a boy, he liked playing with a boy and maybe I wanted to play with him. I was too stupid to understand, and he asked me to follow him, he would show me how we could have fun. He unlocked the storage room and asked me to go in with him and he took out his penis. His penis was dark, he asked me to touch him, and then he offered to touch me. He reached over and grabbed me in my pants and then stuck his hand down my pants and grabbed me. It felt good in all the wrong ways, he got my pants down and he sat on a box and sucked me.

    After he sucked me, he looked out into the store and no one was there and he offered me his penis to suck. I was scared but I sucked him. Not for long, just a short time. He told me we were going to be best friends.

    That is how I got started, the Egyptian man told me where he lived and I would go over there in the morning because he worked the afternoon shift and we would have sex. He had quickly gotten me to give him my ass and no matter what else we did he would always want to fuck before I left.

    I went into the army because I didn't have any other idea. I did my time, but I didn't mess around. I didn't get involved again until after I had been discharged and I was living in San Diego and had a job working nights at a hotel. I would go watch movies during the day and I got involved with the day manager, he was an old gay man. We had sex in the projection room. There usually wasn't anyone there at that time, I would lean and look out the small window at the screen and he would fuck me. I liked sucking him, but like the Egyptian he always wanted to fuck, which was good for me too.

    I stayed in California, got into life insurance and things are fine.

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