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    Straight Female / 48

    I usually walked across campus between my Chemistry and my Psychology class. At college there were far more girls than boys, and I had other interest and I wasn't dating. I wasn't totally inexperienced, but I was a virgin in that I had never had intercourse. That day a guy was between me and the way I went. He had to make room for me to go by and told me to slow down and take my time. This was on a Wednesday.

    The Friday he was there again, only this time he grabbed my arm and told me he wanted to talk to me. He was a grad student, he had seen me on campus and he wanted to know me. He didn't let go of my arm, and my chest was heaving up and down and he was watching. He told me I had a nice rack. I tried pulling away but he didn't let me go and told me that he and his friends were having a party that night and he wanted me to go. He made me tell him my dorm and he told me he would come and pick me up at seven because he lived off campus. He asked for a kiss, and told me again that I had a nice rack.

    I told myself that I would not be at my dorm at seven. But I was there and he took me to his apartment. We were early and he had me help get things ready, go with him to the store and buy some things, get the paper plates and cups out. He showed me his apartment and his room, and asked me for a quickie before the people came. I was standing between him and the bed, he had closed the door and asked me to lift my blouse off and show him my rack. He told me he liked big brown nipples and he hoped I had tits like that. He kicked off his shoes and dropped his pants and underwear and stood naked in front of me.

    He got an erection, and told me he wanted to get our little fuck out of the way, he wanted my tits and he wanted to fuck. It wasn't so quick, he went down on me and had me go down on him and he spent a good amount of time fucking me, getting off, eating me, fucking me again, feeding me his dick, and fucking me again until he just came in waves. I was now his official date and girlfriend. After the party I spent the night with him and in the morning we had sex again before showering.

    I have a group of six women that get together every Thursday for dinner. What we have in common is that our daughters were all in school together. All the girls are married. We have known each other for a very long time, since the girls were in grade school. We know our stories. We talk about our youth, about our exploits, about our lovers and our good days and bad days. We talk about sex a lot. We talk about Viagra and Cialis, we talk about oral sex, we talk about anal sex. We have all adopted the position and let the man put his mark on us that way. We talk about setting up the mood, getting him away from the tv. We talk about porn. We talk about toys.

    We are very open about sex. When one of us having a problem, the others help her solve it. The one thing we all agree on, it is a shame that you don't know as much when you are young, it is a shame that you are so embarrassed when you are young. It is a shame that the guys are only after one thing, fuck you and get off. I still have my body, which for my husband is all about my rack. He really does like large brown nipples. I know that he likes naked, he likes oral sex, I know that when the rubber hits the road he wants me to be his bitch. I have always been his bitch, in the bedroom and in the kitchen. I was his quintessential barefoot pregnant bitch.

    My friends find it hard being the bitch. They find it interesting that I go there. I tell them they should try, just once. It keeps my fire alive. Maybe it will kindle a new fire.

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