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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    When I was 20 I was flat broke, owed my school over $4k, my car died on the highway one night, the transmission had gone out. My rent for my apartment was 2 months behind. This was back in 1976. I was very fem and have been wearing in my mother's clothes since I was 8. I looked just like her when dressed up. I was so frustrated, I got dress one night and headed out to the beach to walk on the boardwalk. As I was getting closer to South Beach this before it became what it is today, I reached this bench and sat down, enjoying the breeze, this older guy of around 60 came by and checked me out. But kept walking by, a few minutes later he was on the return trip, he stopped and said Hello. Then he followed up and said don't know if your a working girl or not but I'll pay you for a BJ. he then showed me a $50 dollar bill. I got up and took him to one of the life guard stations we climbed in and I got busy. As i was sucking him her reached around lifting my dress and caressing my panties. He then said how about another fifty and let me fuck you. I sat up and turned I pulled my panties down and got on my knees on the bench, sh stood up letting his shorts drop to his ankles, he opened my cheeks and shoved into my ass, it hurt some but he wasn't large. He held my hips and pumped me hard. i started to moan and him saying you like that Baby? Then he said ;m cumming and he filled me with his cum. When he slipped out i pulled my panties up, he fixed himself. I climbed down and he followed me to the boardwalk. I was about to leave when he asked do you need the money? I said yes I am broke. he told me he had some friends that would love me. He told me to be there the next night about 10 pm. I said OK. So the next night I was there again n another one of my Mother outfits. And he showed up with 3 friends. I did all 3 of them. I made $300 in just over an hour. They told me about a party Friday night at a Senior Center Hall, to show up around 11 pm. So I grabbed my mother's cocktail dress and high heels and went to the place, the first guy met me outside. He took me to a bath house in the back. Within 5 minutes I had guy after guy coming outside to visit me, they were all lonely widowed men. Up to the age 70 something. By the end I had done 30 of them I only knew this because I made $3000 that night. The first guy told me another party in 2 weeks. I said I would be there. I was able to pay my back rent, get my car fix, and start paying down my school. Well 2 weeks later I was back and made $2500. the following party I made $4200. the word had gotten out among their social circles. After that night I had a note passed to me from a lady. She wanted to meet me. She wanted me to service her. This encounter added 6 women to my list of clients. In 6 months I had everything paid off a new car, and my own wardrobe. So for the next 2 years until I wrapped up school I was a call girl for Seniors.

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