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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    As a college boy I discovered that Gay men have sex in all sorts of places. This story is about my first time at the mall. It was in the JC Penny restroom.

    They must have had a lot of problems with guys having sex in this restroom because they had removed all the walls, just two toilets and two urinals. The room did have two doors however and when you heard the first one there was time to react. I was home from college and continuing to explore public toilets. I had only had one locker room experience however, I was caught off guard by the circumstances.

    I went into the restroom and there was a guy sitting on one of the toilets. Some guys you might guess are gay because they are effeminate or meet whatever stereo-type there is. As a young guy just figuring it all out, I hadn't realized that cocksuckers came in all shapes and sizes. This guys was stocky and I wouldn't have thought that he wanted my cock. I dropped my pants and sat on the toilet next to him. I wanted my cock sucked but I had no idea how this was going to work. The guy started looking me over and stroking a fairly good sized semi-hard cock. As I got very hard and plotted my next move in my mind the outer door opened and we each covered up.

    An old man, I'd say seventies came in and stood there pretty much in front of us and waited. I was just about to give up when the stocky guy started stroking while looking at me and licking his lips. The old man grabbed his own crotch and started to rub himself. I was confused and a little overwhelmed, and for the moment paralyzed. I was brought out of it when the outer door opened again.

    This time a 40 something, business man looking, dad type came in. He saw the crowd and stood by the hand dryer to wait his turn. I thought well this guys straight for sure, I should go and try again later. Problem was, stocky guy was still eyeing me out and I was hard as a rock trying to hold my cock down and out of sight. So I thought the only thing I could do was stand and zip up as fast as I could. So I went for it and though I was quick, my dick still stood out at full attention for a moment. I thought that Dad could not have missed it and had to know that something was up (no pun intended).

    I went to the sink, washed my hands and then went to the hand dryer. As I stood there, Dad reached over and grabbed my still raging hard-on. This caught me by surprise but I didn't move. I was so horny at this point that I just let him stroke my hard on through my jeans. He started to fumble with my zipper so I undid my pants and released my cock. He immediately bent down and started sucking me off. When I looked up, stocky guy and old man were full on jacking off. I couldn't believe what was happening. I was in a department store restroom, somebodies dad was sucking me off and two other guys were jacking off to it. Didn't take long for me to cum and Dad was swallowing every drop.

    When he was done he stood up and smiled at me. I zipped up, looked at the other two guys and then back at Dad and said thanks and left. This made me think that I should explore every public restroom I could find . . .

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    The same goes on all day, every day in many public toilets, parks, beaches, rest stops and truck stops throughout the world. I'm a happily married, grandfather who travles extensibe vely for work and have had sex all over the world. Some airport bathrooms are expecially active in mor eliberal countries.

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