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    Lesbian Female / 32

    I moved to take a job as an English language teacher at this private school in Central America. The school was primarily for wealthy kids, although there a few poor children on scholarship. You could tell the difference immediately, the hair, the dress, and the color of their skin. I had this one girl in my class, this was an eight grade English class, her family was very well to do and she was particularly beautiful, long dark hair, dark eyes, with a beautiful hue of honey colored skin.

    I could not resist her and she became my friend and her parents hired me to improve her English and guide her for college in the US. I was only 23 and she was 15. She was affectionate, always affectionate, always hugging me, always leaning against me, always holding my hand. One day while I was at her house she stood in front of me and put her hands on my breasts and asked me if I liked having my breasts squeezed. She told me she liked it when I hugged her and I squeezed her and my arms was around her breast. She grabbed her own breasts, then took my hands and put them on her breasts, turned into my arms and had me hold her cupping her breasts.

    She wanted to kiss. She wanted to lay down and kiss. She grabbed herself between her legs and told me she felt it right there and put my hand and held it tight against her asking me to rub her. She was flush, she was taking her top off, she was reaching for my top to take it off, my heart was beating outside of my chest, when she latched onto my breast and started sucking and then gave me her breast to suck.

    She kept saying that we were women and that men were so bad, her father was so bad with her mom, she didn't ever want to be with a man, she kissed me hard on the mouth, until I was no longer able to hold myself back and I kissed her back and put her on her back and kissed her and touched her uncovered her legs and her wet triangle of matted hair. I told myself to stop, not to do it, but I wasn't in control and I went down on her. It was a fever, it lasted for several minutes, she reached climax and kicked me away, and grabbed me to her and held on.

    We had crossed a line that could never be fixed. I tried to keep a distance, I tried to quit but her mother would not allow it. They offered to pay me more, they asked me to live with them in their house. This was a wild child, insatiable child, she hung on me and I hung on her. In the tenth grade her parents asked me to take her to Europe, on a tour of London, Paris and Rome. A 25 year old with a 17 year old. A teacher with a girl who displayed herself naked to her teacher. A 17 year old that would not go to her room unless she was kissed and told she was loved.

    A 17 year old that spent all three weeks of her tour of Europe sleeping with her teacher. I loved her, more than anyone can ever imagine. Being with her, holding her, sleeping with her, kissing her. Europe was a second crossroads, a crossroads that we could never come back from. In Europe we stopped being teacher and pupil, stopped. We became something else. When we returned from that trip she told her mother that we had slept together every night and she wanted us to sleep together. When her mother questioned her, she told her mother out loud that we were lesbians.

    It wasn't a shock. Her mother knew, but having it said out loud. She was composed and asked me if I was a lesbian. I said I thought maybe I was. I didn't know. She asked how could I not know. I told her I didn't know, but if she asked me if I loved her daughter, then the answer was yes. If she asked me if I had feelings for her, then yes. If I had intimacies with her daughter, then yes. She asked me if her daughter slept with me, and I said yes. Since she was fifteen.

    I left and returned to the States and got a job working at a private school. When Laura graduated from high school the following year she came to the States and went to college and lived with me. Her parents paid for everything. School, our housing, a car for her, spending money, she was kept in the standard she was grown up with. They paid for any and all my expenses as well. Laura finished college and we went on a long summer holiday to Europe, back to the same capitals, this time she was 22 and I was 30.

    Laura is affectionate, which I love. She is obedient to me, and it keeps her from doing things that could hurt her. She doesn't like her father, she doesn't think about him. She is respectful to her mother, but there is a gulf there. I don't ask myself anymore if we are lesbians. For me it was a shock finding out that I wanted and had fallen in love with a girl, a pupil of mine. But Laura, she never doubted herself. Maybe that is why she and her father don't get along. What if anything happened between him and her I don't know, she won't say, except that he is a man.

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