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    Gay Male / 28

    I watched as the one guy got on his knees and the other one unzipped his pants and he got his cock sucked. I stood by my bicycle under the tree and watched. They were up the hill, where the trees were heavier, away from the road and the traffic. If you didn't know about the place you didn't go there. I watched. They saw me when they were done, they looked at me. I got on my bicycle and left.

    I went again several days later. One of the guys was there and he came over and asked me what I wanted. I tried to leave but he held onto the handle bars. He asked me if I liked cock, if I wanted to suck his cock. He unzipped his pants and told me to suck his cock right there, if somebody saw us I was the one that was sucking cock. I really had no choice, the bicycle was on the ground and I was on my knees and I was sucking his cock. I couldn't hear anything, I didn't hear the other guy come up until he put his hand on my shoulder and told me that was his cock and he got down on his knees and started to suck the guy.

    I sat there on my knees watching this guy suck this other guy. Watching his mouth go over and up and down the other guy's cock. Watching his hand go up and down as he sucked his cock, watching him as the guy shot it out and he kept his mouth open.

    I had gotten my first lesson, which I practiced when they gave me the opportunity. They let me practice, on one of them, or both of them. And they practiced on me. Like I said, you didn't go up there, on the side of the highway unless you knew it was there.

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    Lucky you. I used to go to a known gay park with bike trails as a boy in hopes of seeing some "faggots" going at it. I seen some action, but was never fortunate enough to get involved. I was picked up there once by a man and he took me to his house and fucked me royally.

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