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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    Just a quick confession here.

    Always been bisexual and adore fucking a tight pussy or a young tight males arsehole. Which was the case recently at a family birthday barbecue.
    During the recent hot weather (Hot for the UK) My wife's nephew Aaron turned eighteen. His mother held a barbecue for him during the daytime, with his mates arranging a party for him later the same night.
    We attended the barbecue and after being there about an hour, Aaron approached me and asked if he could have a quiet word inside. Up in his bedroom where he lead me, he asked me straight out if he could suck on my cock, and then if I'd fuck him.

    I was about (Honestly) to say no, when he dropped the shorts he had on to show mt his gorgeous tight looking arsehole. I swear within ten seconds I was rock hard and horny as hell. Whipping out my cock, I gripped his shaggy brown hair, pushed him down and sighed as his warm wet mouth enveloped my cock.
    Aaron sucked greedily on my dick for about five minutes then quickly rose up. Telling me we didn't have much time, he knelt on the edge of the bed, turned his head and said "Fuck me *** I've wanted you to, for such a long time".
    Not even thinking about protection or lube, I spat on his arsehole and my cock, then buried my cock hard up his arse in one long thrust.

    Fucking Aaron for all I was worth, I gripped his hips and pulled him onto my dick. He in turn backed onto my cock, then moaned out loud telling me he was cumming. Pounding into him alll the harder after hearing him, my own orgasm rose and within seconds of each other, we both came moaning out loud.
    His cum sprayed all over his duvet, mine filled his back passage and dribbled out as I withdrew from his rear hole.
    Aaron didn't bother to clean himself up, as he pulled up his boxers and shorts. I followed his actions and joined him to walk back downstairs and rejoin the barbecue.

    The only comment came from his mum and my wife who were talking together. They both asked Aaron if I'd given him his birthday present. His reply was "Yeh, too right he did. I'm going to have a wicked night tonight now".
    My wife and his mum smiled at him, then turned to smile at me. My wife winked at me, blew me a kiss and drank the rest of her glass of wine.

    Fucking young men isn't an unusual thing for me. Nor is my wife making remarks which I thought were close to her knowing. But later on at home my wife said something which has changed the goal posts "Aaron will be calling by this weekend, I'll be at Joe's (A female friend of hers). Make sure you don't hurt him".
    She left the comment at that, and I didn't dare to respond. But now I'm thinking she knows all about me and the young men I've continued to fuck during our marriage.

    My wife did go out to her friends home and Aaron did call round. We spent the best part of two hours having sex, and I fucked that young man like I'd not had sex in years. When he left taking a taxi home, he couldn't walk without wincing a little. Something I asked him to hide from his mum and his aunt.

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    When our son was 10 wew built a new home beside a fmaily who had a 10 year old son. My son and that boy became best friends (always together) throught college. My son took a job out of state and the neighbor boy stayed in town, getting marred and having 2 daughters. He is a fixture at our house, even though his parents live next door. 2 years ago he and I were at my house watching a game when the subject came up of the 2 gay men who bought the house the other side of his parents. I have neber been homophopbic and he knew it. Not that we had not talked sex before this time it was different as he asked, "wonder who is the top and hwo is the bottom or if they switch." A few miutes and a few beers later he said, "would you let a man suck your cock?". I said, "right time, place and personalities majority of men would." He said, "I have been with a man, How about you?" I said, "years ago, but don;t tell me son." A berr later he began to talk and I leanred he has been with both of his father's brothers, 2 paternal cousins and his mother's only brother (gay). I was shocked and did not expect him to say that. I asked if my son knew this and he said, "yes." Then he volunterred he and my son had fooled around all their llives and now, when he is in town and they can get a few minutes alone. Then he shocked me saying my him, my son, both his dad's brother had done each other man times. He and my son did a 69 while bihs 2 uncles fucked their mascline, jock assed. My wife came in while he was talking, so he drank some coffee, went home and I slipped in the bathroom anbd boew the most intense load in my entire life.

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