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    Straight Female / 42

    I do i****t with my brother. Closest time when we were about to got caught happened when we were at high school.

    Our parents were in a party whole night and it was early in the morning when they got back home. I was laying on my back, in my brothers bed, legs spread open and I was already full of his cum and we were doing it second time that night, sweating and moaning in delight.

    We got scared when we heard the front door. I jumped up and hide in a closet. He dived under the covers. Television were still on in the living room. I was sweating and we were naked.

    I heard them shutting off the television and talking and walking in the house. I was in the closet at least half a hour, but maybe even a hour. My brother were sleeping. Finally they went to bed and I sneaked to my room.

    It was frightening night, but now it makes me smiling :D

    My brothers friend almost caught us once because we didn't answer the phone and he came to seek him. We were so blushed and out of breath when we had just managed to get our clothes on when he came in.

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    Incest is in our DNA. I began with the Garden of Eden, once again with Noah, his wife, 3 sons, 3 daughters-in-law the only humans who survived the flood. Guess what folks? Cousins replenished the earth. Lott, his wife and 2 daughters were the only christisns in Sodom and Gomorrah and God allowed them to leave before he destroyed it. Lotts wife turned to a pillar of stalt so he and his daughters continued. Once safe in Nod, Lotts got drunnk on wine and his daughters when in and had sex with Lott and - produced his seed (had chikdren with their father). Mary was Joseph's First Cousin and althrough Christ was not Jospephs son, alll of Christ siblings were the products of i****t.
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    Way to go OP!


    Incest is in our DNA? I do not know anything about that, but what I know is my DNA mixed perfectly with my dads DNA in 1998. Maybe we were biblical, hahaha!
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    I am in an i****tuous family I have had my two sisters and my aunt, I have had thoughts about my dad but no, I know my parents are having close relations but they think I don't know, I first found out when I came home unexpected my mum and her brother were up stairs they came down looking hot flustered, Is i****t really that bad?
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    Incest is not bad. Abusing, m****ting and r****g is bad, but i****t as what it is == family members having sex, is not bad.

    Too bad that p**os and other psychos are bringing it down.

    Also liars like you #3 are what brings i****t down.

    Your aunt is having sex with you. Your two sisters are having sex with you, and you try to lie how your mother and her brother, your father, is fucking together too. So basically what you are trying to tell is how you have sex with your siblings and how your father, your "uncle", had sex with his two sisters and got one pregnant. Yeah right. Fuck off!
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    Everyone should calm down and remember this is a fantasy site, that is FICTION!
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    Why is i****t so wrong lots of families do why such a taboo it two people are consenting what I is really wrong

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