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    Straight Male / 30

    I'm angry at my wife.

    For fifteen years she has controlled my life, and my sex life. She wouldn't even want me to go down on her, even though the times that I did, she very much enjoyed it. To paraphrase her, she didn't think it was fair that I'd do that for her when she didn't, and wouldn't, reciprocate.

    Everything has to be about her. It's bullshit.

    The other night, after work, I went to a bar and got half-crocked. I came home with a full bladder to a cold fish of a wife who had already gone to bed, and I decided I needed a shower.

    I pissed on everything. I pissed on her loofa, on her face scrubbing brush. I opened the bottles of her shampoo, and conditioner, and body wash, and topped them all off with my piss. I grabbed her toothbrush and soaked it in my urine, and put it back. I sprayed her towel with my stream. She keeps a bar of soap in a cup in the shower, and I filled that too.

    Now I do it every night, and every day she goes off to work with my piss in her mouth from her toothbrush, and every night she goes to bed after lathering herself with my urine. She deserves it for being a c**t and controlling my life.

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    I don't know how that brings satisfaction, why not file for divorce, and meet someone with whom you can have a more healthy connection?

    If that's not a reasonable option, then I'd try to get some ass on the side. I guarantee that you would be more satisfied.
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    In the meantime, consider behaving like the grown man you should be at age 30.
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    Fuck those pussys, if your going to stay i encourage your behaviour,
    Relax and breath mate im totally on your side and for 1 say enjoy the moment,
    From personal experience alot of us do it men and women alike,
    U can expand ... a few tips from my own exp, i use to bring ccoiples and singles back to my place even the neigbours wife helped by cumming in her face creams and shampoos, i would go out of my way to insert tootbrushes in all holes from all different people for my wife

    Also foods, if she drinks tea, piss in it, rub your cock on her plates and cups cum in creamy foods even salad dressings, serve it up and smile while the bjtch eats your fresh load, then join her in the shower and help wash her hair in a mix of added jucies
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    Just kill her in her sleep.
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    What you are experiencing is a type and shadow of what so many mneb exxperience with their wives. Prostution is the oldest profession in all of history. Women using their bodies to secure what they want; money, posessions, powers and untimate control. Once married my wife would not let me fuck her unless I gave her something first. Her pussy was a weapon and she used it on me, as many (not alll) women use sex for THEIR personal wants, desires and needs. Divorce was not an option in my family, especially the birth of my son. I ended up in a group therapy because she insisted I get professional help as I was over sexed. 16 men in my ground (form all ethenic and sociop econimic groups) and I quickly learned I was not alone - in one for or another. When I over came by christian upbringing and got me some pussy from a women who enjoyed sex, my eyes were opened; s[iritually, emotionally and sexually. When I stopped asking for sex she suddenly got hrny and I told her she was oversed that I learned to deal with my own sexual sedires. She would wake me up playing with my dick and I would get out of bed and go to the guest room. She no longer controlled me and it terrified her. Then it hit me, that I no longer loved her and had no desire in a sexual relationship. She even admitted she used he pussy for her personal gain, at the advise of her mother and aunts. She is not a working woman paying her own bills and driving a FOrd, not a BMW.
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    BINGO # 5
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    Confessions 40147 (several above this confession0 validates this cconfessions and what # 5 posted

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