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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    So I grew up on my families ranch it had three houses, my grandparents house, my aunt and uncle's, and ours I was the youngest kid on there and my only female cousin was the oldest and usually wound up babysitting me and her youngest brother who was only a couple months older than me. She was the first girl I ever saw naked because one day while babysitting me and her brother she taught us truth and dare which started out innocent but after awhile it instantly wasn't anymore. She dared me to let her put something up my butt which wound up being the end of a hair brush. Well after that when I got the chance to dare her I wanted to see her naked but she wouldn't let her brother see it to so me and her went into the bathroom and she stripped down and showed me everything... And after that day I always desired her and would spy on her through the window but nothing more.... Fast forward to a couple years ago me and her went out drinking together and by the end of the night we had somehow ended up talking about old times and what not, which lead to us talking about the truth or dare game. She mentioned how she wishes she would of used something bigger. And I said I would of made her do more than show me her naked body. Which eventually got me to tell her about the desire and peeping I use to do on her and she laughed and went to the restroom and left her phone at the table. Well I picked it up and snooped and found a recent picture of her bare skinned looking amazing well I was staring hard at the pic and didn't notice her coming back so she caught me red handed but surprisingly said she did that on purpose to see if I would Snoop. Well after the bar closed we walked out to the parking lot and when we got to her car she looked me in the eyes and said for snooping I owed her so she dared me to show her how I've grown, after a quick look around I undid my pants and pulled out my cock and she looked at it with a smirk and lightly touched it which instantly got me hard and I said that was unfair and she said "oh well what am I going to do about it" so I laughed said alright I dare you to bend over onto her hood. Well I was shocked when she actually did it and as I stood there looking at her legs going up to the bottom of her dress I went for it and quickly got behind her and lifted her dress pushing my cock against her. When she looked back at me while gently pushing her hips into I pulled her thong from her ass crack out to the side and fucked her right there till I came in her.. we didn't talk for months after that night at all until the next family function

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