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    Straight Male / 34

    I have this somewhat white trash girl working for me that I've decided I just want to fuck at some point. She's from rural Kentucky, a smoker, has bad tattoos, recenrly got bad highlights and talks with that KY accent.

    She talks about her broken home life and financial issues or her depression, then wiggles her cute ass out of my office where I can see the lines of her panties. Or her top doesn't fit her and I can see the clear outline of her tits. Or her makeup and lipstick that just makes her look cheap. She has a little sun damage on her face, freckles on her shoulders, and is still learning how to dress to work in an office. I love seeing her wear something that's too tight, too revealing, or something that doesn't fit and let's me see her bra straps or panties. I've inadvertently looked up her too short skirt during meetings because she didn't realize she was sitting wrong for their length.

    She's low key mentioned how much she used to party and I figure she used to take on some random cocks while she was at it. Everything about her just screams "white trash please fuck me." I want to keep her after hours one day and smooth talk her out of her panties and onto my cock, cum in her, and throw her to the curb. I want to use her, disrespect her by rubbing my cock all over her cheap little face.

    I grew up in a small town in GA myself so I know her type. She has no idea how much she turns me on for that.

    Jesus this is fucked up.

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