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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    We're in a northern European city, I'm not feeling well and my wife wants to go shopping. She leaves me in the hotel and says she'll see me later that afternoon. Around lunch time, I hear a knock at the door and answer it to a really good looking brunette, who's wearing very revealing clothing. The woman smiles at me, says she been sent by my wife J*** and walks past me.
    My wife and I have in the past hired sexual partners for one another for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. So to see this stunning looking woman two days before my birthday, I honestly thought J*** had sent her.
    I'm instantly feeling much better as she opens my bath robe, drops down and begins to suck on my cock. She's absolutely awesome at sucking cock and I'm soon fucking her mouth, making her gag a little.
    Looking down I can see the top of her breasts, and ask her to strip wanting to see just how gorgeous she is. She stands up pushes me back onto the bed and slowly strips off for me. By the time she'd gotten down to her knickers, I'm completely sold, as her body, face and breasts are so fucking perfect. Turning around I see her beautiful arse and I'm dying to bury my face between her tight buns, but she's not finished and takes down her knickers. Putting her hands in front of her pussy, she turns around to face me.
    Telling me to take off the robe and to stroke my cock, I do as I'm asked and then watch her move her hands away.
    Not only is she not a she, she's also got an erect cock larger than mine.
    I'm about to tell her there's been some mistake when she squats down and takes my cock back into her mouth. Struggling with what's happening for a monute or two, I soon forget it's a man who's sucking on my dick and allow him/her to carry on.
    After a few more minutes, she rises up, gets a condom and lube out of her bag and enrolls a condom along my cock shaft. Kneeling on the bed and applying lube to her rear fuck hole, she turns her head to me and tells me to fuck her, and to fuck her hard.
    By this point I am what you might all, over the edge. I'm too far gone sexually not to indulge. So putting my dick to her arsehole, I push in and have the next forty minutes of my life, as the best sex I've ever had.
    Fucking his arsehole was utterly amazing, and utterly the biggest turn on ever. I fucked my shemale lover in the doggy position, standing up from behind, missionary kissing one another as you would any fit attractive female, and then having her mount my cock as she looked won on me, riding my dick for all she was worth.
    Screaming out her orgasm as her cock let go, I thrust upwards and my cock exploded. Cumming deep up her arse, I filled the condom and let her bend over to kiss me again.
    With my cock softening and slipping out of her gorgeous arse, we lay together and kissed some more. Finally she got up and told me my hour was up, but that she'd had such a fantastic time, she'd willingly come back and fuck me for free.
    Opening the hotel rooms door, still a little overawed, I saw the guy across from us staring out of his room. He said something in his native language, then the woman turned to me and said "Your not Michael".
    I'm not Michael and the shemale wasn't meant for me, and wasn't booked by my wife as a birthday present. Closing my door quickly, but not before she'd winked at me, I went and showered.
    My wife walked in about an hour later with lots of shopping bags and asked how I felt. I told her I felt much better, then noticed a piece of paper I thought she'd dropped near the door. picking it up, I saw it a phone number on it and a short message. The message said "Meant what I said, I'd love to see you again x free xxx".
    I never did call the shemale again, as my wife and I enjoyed the rest of our short break. And I've not told my wife about it either.
    In a bizarre twist, the company I work for have just told me they're sending me to the very same city we went to. And if I wanted to, I could choose the hotel. I'll be flying over every Monday morning and flying back on the Wednesday. I haven't had my first trip yet, that's starts in a weeks time. But I have already text my shemale friend and told her I'll be staying for two nights each week.
    Her response was to text this back "I'll make every Monday and Tuesday night free then". Yesterday she sent me some very revealing and horny naked pics of herself. One was her tossing off her cock, the others showed her plunging a dildo up her gorgeous tight arsehole, with the comments "Can't wait for it to be your cock".
    I know it's cheating on my wife, but believe me, if you'd seen just how beautiful my shemale lover is, you'd fuck her as well.

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    Total nonsense. Why did you even bother typing it let alone posting it?

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