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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 30

    We grew up in a semi-rural area of town. We lived in a large house, old but large, with one bathroom and four bedrooms. I was the boy and I had three sisters. I lived a life of both being waited on hand and foot by my mother and sisters and being sissified. My sisters dressed me. From the youngest age I preferred to wear their panties to wearing my underwear. I sat down to pee and my sister showed me how to wipe, front to back.

    My middle sister, she was three years older than me, liked my penis. She liked to touch it, play with it and she liked to suck it. When I was six and seven, in the first and second grade, she would give me these very intense erections and suck on me real hard until I had to pee. Except that I didn't pee, I was having dry ejaculations. I was around nine when I had my first wet ejaculation. After that I had ejaculations on a regular basis and she learned that I wasn't peeing on her, or in her mouth. It was around then that she got me to having sex with her. That is when my oldest sister stopped her.

    In the sixth grade I got caught at school one day with my sister's panties on. I went to the boys room, and instead of going into a stall, I pulled my pants down and my panties to release my penis to pee and the boy beside me saw that I was wearing panties. The word got around all over the school, my parents were called in and they asked me why I was wearing my sister's panties. I had to stop wearing panties to school.

    In college I could buy my own panties, I went shopping and would tell the sales clerk that they were for my sister and yes my sister was a largish girl. I wore panties in college. On one date with a rural girl from a similar upbringing we got to talking about growing up and I confessed to her that my sister would suck my penis and she had me fuck her, but that our older sister put a stop to it. She asked me if I missed having my sister suck me and she suggested that I ask my sister to suck me now that we were older.

    I took her advise and on the next time home I asked my sister, who was a first year teacher at the time, to suck me. She sucked me and she got on me and we had sex. It was like a dam breaking, nothing stopped us, she was living in a small apartment and we had sex every day that I was there. When it was time to go back to college she told me that we both knew that what we did was really bad and I needed to find a girlfriend and she needed to find a boyfriend. She sucked me one more time and told me it was the last time.

    I went to the girl at college, the one I had told about me and my sister, and told her what my sister said and asked her if she wanted to be my girlfriend. I fucked her that night. I was wearing my panties, which made her laugh. She sucked me and asked me if she was doing it right. We became regular fuck buddies and we went out together, we started dating seriously only a year after we had become fuck buddies. There was no mystery. She was a tart, a slut with me, and she liked it, any hole, any time. She said she had grown up on a farm too, but she didn't have a brother to get her started.

    My sister, well all three of them, found boyfriends and they married off one after the other. I took my girlfriend to all three weddings, by then she was buying me my panties and she bought me special panties for the special occasions. She liked to get me real tight translucent affairs, so she could see the sausage being made. That was her expression for giving me an erection with her hands or sucking me through the panty material. One day she told me that we should get married and get it over with. We went down to the justice of the peace and got married. We later got married with all the trimmings, but we had been married for a year by then.

    She and my sister are good friends. They both know that they both know about my panty thing, and my sister's loving upbringing of me. My wife from time to time will tell my sister that she should have let my wife have my virginity, but of course we didn't know my wife at the time. And my sister's answer is that I had her virginity too, and her husband got a used car and not a new one.

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