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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 31

    I remember a time in my early teens. In the darkened movies, a kid in the row in front was beating off ferociously, oblivious to those around him. I recall his moans when he came. The idea stuck and I pulled out my tool and flogged it, looking around to see if anyone was watching. This became a bit habitual and one day, I had selected the middle of a row in the back of the theater, a kid, somewhat younger than me, sat immediately next to me in an empty row so I automatically wondered what was up.

    He opened his trousers, took out his penis and joined me, wanking. After a few minutes his head flew down on me and he took as much cock into his mouth as possible, it seemed to me. He sucked, licked and tried to swallow my cock, bobbing his head up and down with stunning speed. At first I was a bit startled then I let it happen. Noticing that he had a fairly impressive erection, I reached down and wanked him while he sucked me. I knew absolutely that this kid was not new to this activity, while I was. For a moment or two I had a yearning to suck him off but for some reason did not. He came while I wanked him and I fired my load into his mouth as be continued to lick and suck hard.

    He held my cock up and took my balls into his mouth and massaged them with his tongue. I watched him at his serious work, wondering where this very young boy had learned all of this.

    In ensuing weeks I met with him and we often flogged on each other with him sucking my tool. At some point my schedule changed and I could not go to the movies for some time. When I finally went back, he was not there so that was it. The experience was a one time thing and I never had a gay visitation again. The gay lifestyle, however, became a known factor to me from that one relationship, even though I did not partake of it.

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