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    Orgasms from kissing. It's only happened a few times to my boyfriend. We'd be making out on the couch or even one time in the car one time. We're just making out, kissing each other deeply. Then he just suddenly pops one in his pants. I feel a little bad, but honestly, it's such a turn on like I was making him this hot.

    I for one, get really turned on from it making out as well. I get quite wet down there, but no orgasm happens though. I really wish I could orgasm just from kissing. It really sounds like it would be intense. Any other women ever achieve an orgasm just from making out?

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    I have but it was with a fellow that had a major tool of nine inches, thick around with a large head on it that my hand loved. We were necking and I was handling his tool, all over it with my hand while we kissed, eyes closed. Then I felt him pulsing and felt two jets of cum on my wrist then became amazed when I joined him in orgasm, It only happened the one time but it was amazing. I still play with his cock when we make out, hoping for the best. I do it with two other boys but it's not the same.
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    Not only by making out, but one really freezing cold night I was kissing with my love just outside our home and he very gently massaged my breast under my winter jacket. He was hugging me tight, being behind me and kissing my neck. Everything, the closeness, the secret, the LLLLOVE!!! WOW!

    I had skirt on and the freezing cold air were freezing my legs and the juice on my pantie. It was almost hurting me but I just didn't want it to end! That is only time I had orgasm without any contact to my pussy.

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