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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    It was a hot Memorial Day, and i was really horny that day and could use a good blowjob that day. After surfing through Craigslist (R.I.P. casual encounters), but i came across two older gentlemen that wanted to suck a hung black cock. After messaging one of the guys back and forth we finally decided to meet up and go through with sucking me off.

    We meet up in a parking lot, we wait to meet due to waiting for his friend because they wanted to suck my cock in his office which was a huge turn on. However his friend ended up having to cancel at the last minute due to not being able to leave the wife.

    I hop in the other guys car and we talk for a bit, and discuss where he could suck my cock. Because his friend had the office keys and couldnât get free, so he knew of a road where no one goes. The entire time heâs driving heâs rubbing on my cock until i eventually pull it out and start jerking for him until we reach the road.

    We get to the road and start to jerk for him, and he begins to jerk my cock for me. He strokes my cock for a short period of time and says i need to suck your cock as he starts sucking my cock like a fiend that needed his fix. Heâs sucking me pretty well at this point and making it hard for me to focus on keeping lookout to see if any cars are coming. Heâs not leaving any part of my cock untouched as heâs slowly starting to deepthroat my cock and tonguing my balls. At this point his throat is pure ecstasy, Iâm starting to get more excited and start to fuck his throat he gags as my cock touched the back of his throat. He raises up for air to breath and starts licking all of the spit off of my shaft and goes right back to sucking as if heâd never suck cock again. He continues to suck until i cum. He makes sure that he doesnât leave a drop of cum in my penis, for a moment i almost forgot we were in public. But he keeps sucking to make sure there is nothing left in my penis, until i say no more.

    I pull up my gym shorts and adjust myself, he wipes his mouth and swallows all of my cum. He drove me back to my car we shook hands and parted ways and he went back to his wife to enjoy his Memorial Day.

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