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    Straight Male / 40

    The Sister

    I started seeing J after I met her through a friend. We dated for a month or so before we slept together. I always met her at the place we were going for that first month. She didnât want me to pick her up from her place until she knew it was serious. I didnât meet her family until then.

    My friends were always saying to me have you met her sister yet. After a month I did.
    Now to say J was hot was an understatement. She was incredibly gorgeous about 5â8 short brunette hair and a set of tits that were just amazing. Large C cup and they just sat there. No droop just perfect. She had a tiny body and a tight ass. At 22 she was perfect or so I thought.
    After that month I met the family. Mum was a good looking woman and I saw where J got her looks from, I was still yet to meet the sister until about a week later.

    I went around to pick up J for a date. C answered the door and I nearly lost my load right there at the front door. Wow if J was gorgeous then C was next level. A dancer and model to boot she was about 6 foot tall, long long legs and shoulder length blonde hair. Her tits were smaller than J but they were just as perfect.
    C met me at the door wearing a ultra short skirt and a boob tube type top. She was 18 at the time. She had all the make up on and was preparing to go out for the night. I was in shock. My friends were right. Now I have definitely met the sister and I now know what all the fuss was about.

    I was never allowed to stay at Js house her parents were strict like that but she could stay at my place whenever she wanted.

    We started to spend more time at Js place and I got on really well with C and the more time I spent there the hotter she looked. They had a shower upstairs and every evening C would go upstairs to shower. I would go up when she was finished and go to the bathroom and I noticed that C would leave her dirty g string on the floor of the bathroom most nights. Very rarely she would put them in the laundry basket. So I started to always go up after her shower and sniff and smell her freshly worn panties. I was in heaven.

    On particular night there was about 4 pairs of her panties on the floor and the fresh pair were so wet with her pussy smell I could almost squeeze the juice out of them. I decided I needed to keep those so I put them in my pocket and later that night I smelled that beautiful girls pussy all night. I kept those panties in a zip lock bag to keep the smell. In all the time I went there these were the wettest Iâd come across.
    There were times Iâd have J stay over at mine and while she was in the toilet before coming to bed, Iâd smell her sisters pussy before I started to fuck her. Almost every time I fucked J. I had the smell of her sisters pussy on my face. Mmmm.

    I finally got to stay over at Js place one night when her parents were on holidays.
    We went to bed and started fucking when I heard her sister go upstairs to the bathroom. I finished quickly. And promptly went up to go to the toilet. I snuck up the stairs to see the bathroom door slightly open and C masterbating on the toilet. I walked quickly to the bathroom door pretending that I didnât know she was in there and I burst into the door and caught her with her fingers inside her pussy. I asked her if she wanted a hand with that.
    She just opened her mouth and I as she was about to say no. I started to pull my cock out of my shorts and she just grabbed it and started to suck me. She said that she heard me and J fucking downstairs and got really horny. She was sucking my cock while we were in the toilet and I told her she was tasting her sisters pussy. That just made her suck me harder. I was hard immediately and I told her didnât have much time and got her to stand up and drop her pants. I leaned down and started to lick the same pussy Iâd been tasting the last 6 months. I ate her to an orgasm within minutes and I then began to fuck her from behind while we were in the toilet. She was leaning over the top of the toilet as I fucked her as hard as I could. I came within a couple of minutes and left C in that toilet to clean up.

    I crept into bed with J. She asked why I took so long in the toilet. I lied and said I needed to poo. She rolled over and said under her breath she hoped that Iâd fucked her sister while I was up there.

    J went down on me in the morning and looked up into my eyes and said I knew you would like to fuck her. She then called out to C to join us in bed. C stripped at the door and climbed into bed with us and we had a great weekend. We didnât leave the house.
    I married that girl 3 years later and we still entertain her sister from time to time. Sometimes alone sometimes together.
    What a girl.

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    This is a confession site and you give a topic for your "confession".

    Fucking idiot!

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