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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    For years I used to go round to a neighbors house, and suck on his cock for as long as it took to make him cum inside my mouth. It was strange at first, but I soon began to enjoy sucking on his huge meaty cock, and his home gave me refuge from the bullies in our neighborhood.

    Most times I would kneel up between his legs as he sat on his favorite chair. Take hold if his flaccid cock and suck it into my mouth. Working on it until it hardened then began to leak pre cum, I then lovingly licked and sucked on his entire cock shaft and balls. Sometimes if he was feeling extra horny, he'd have me wet my middle finger and insert it up his asshole whilst carrying on sucking on his cock. I loved that the best, as it never failed to make him cum in huge loads.

    When I reached a certain age, he asked me if I would like to learn how to take his cock up my asshole. I was very skeptical at first as his cock was so big (Around nine inches and very thick) but one afternoon with his cock sliding over my tongue and his middle finger sliding over my rear hole, I released his cock and said yes to him.

    Oh boy!, did it hurt. It was like nothing I'd ever experienced, but I wasn't that old to have experienced much by then. Even so I told him to carry on and my asshole soon began to relax. Slowly but surely his cock slid all the way in, and by then I was actively backing onto his mammoth prick. Turning my head I smiled at his gnarly face and told him to dump his load inside my ass.

    A few more pumps of his cock, and his cock released it's beautiful cum and I took my first ever cum load up my fuck hole. From then on, it was me driving the anal sex, and I soon began to orgasm as he fucked me so deeply up my ass. We moved from his favorite chair to his bed and his shower, always having him fuck me the way he wanted sex.

    The only time we stopped having anal sex, was when he had to go into hospital. But even then I visited and sucked him off in his private room. He even joked one day, that having me suck on his cock helped him recover much sooner from his heart attack.

    When I left school, the sex became much more intense, more dynamic in as much as he began to dominate me more. He'd found out when he was in hospital, I'd been chatted up by a male nurse and that nurse had fucked me a couple of times in a side room. It mnade him realize I wasn't going to be his alone forever, and in turn he wanted to prove to me in a way, he could fcuk me just as hard and just as rough as any man.

    But to me, I just loved him. If he took forever to fuck me, or if his cock wouldn't have become erect anymore, I would still have wanted him sexually and emotionally. Telling him that as he fucked me in the shower one afternoon, kind of relaxed his demeanor and we got back to the type of sex I thoroughly enjoyed with him. Each day I visited his home, he was always horny for me and some days I swear he'd wear me out. One particular morning and on into the afternoon, we had sex non stop for over three hours, breaking only to eat, then back to having sex until the sun began to fade. By the time I walked up my parents path, he'd cum deep inside me four times, making me love him all the more deeply.

    His death crippled me for a long time. I missed him dreadfully and still do, and not just his huge meaty cock too. Everything about that man I loved, but then how do you not love your greatest lover, your best friend, your granddad.

    Nobody in the family knows about our secret life. They all thought we were close because of the bullying, but then they didn't bother much with him, even though he only lived a few doors from his daughters home. I'm tearful now just thinking about him, and he's been gone now for over twelve years. He would love the man I'm involved with now, as he too is much older than me. I'm not living with him or anything, as he's got a family. But has to scratch that homosexual itch, and does deep inside of me.

    I'm a much happier, more levelled individual because of my sexual relationships with men, but I couldn't live with one. Not since I lost the one man I know for sure I could have.

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