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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    Most of the people that know me call me Barry Blowjob. That is because my name is Barry and I have my lips wrapped around other guyâs cocks almost constantly. I love sucking cocks so much. I love the feel of a big cock sliding deep into my throat. I also love the yummy taste of cum. Itâs embarrassing but I canât stop it.

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    Holy shit. Is this BarryBJ?? You cock gobbling cumslut.
  • 2
    May I become a new friend?
  • 3
    Barry, you cock whore, I would be happy to drive an extra-large dildo up your butt repeatedly while you suck cock. You could be a cock sandwich.
  • 4
    LOL. I say that make Barry a cock sundwich. Totally hilarious.
  • 5
    this fucking idiot again
  • 6
    You and untold millions of bisexual married and single men have the same sexual appetite. POWER to the bisexual men...and women.
  • 7
    Suck em hard Barry
  • 8
    Making Barry a cock sandwich is a hilarious suggestion. hahahaha!

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