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    Straight Female / 27

    My sis and I are one year apart and very close. We taught each other kissing and limited sex as we entered puberty. Our dad once caught us and sat us down then took out some books and taught us all about sex. Well into the lecture sis asked if she could see dad's penis. I was a bit startled but soon joined in, begging to see it. Finally, he explained that no one is to know since they are not in the situation and might take it for abuse. We gladly agreed.

    When he opened his trousers he said, "It's becoming erect now but I will try to show it soft as well." Then, we begged to touch it an it ended up with us masturbating dad to see his sperm. We never went as far as having sex with dad and this remained a secret meeting for years. By the time sis and I started college the event was all but forgotten but it helped us immensely as we began sex lives with boys. Dad had a cardiac event in that period and passed away.

    A few years later, mom remarried. Mort was very tall and gaunt, like a scarecrow, but warm, kind, and loving. We could sometimes hear mom and him going insane in her bedroom, Sis and I began to chatter about our new stepdad and we determined to walk in on him in the shower to check out his penis. I didn't get the chance but sis did and she said he was easily twice as large as dad at half soft, since he seemed to have become partly erect in the shower.

    Time passed and we got to the point where we approached mum about having sex with Mort. She thought about it, then actually talked to him and it was decided that we could do that if mum could watch and Mort used condoms. To make a long story short, that began an entirely new phase in our lives. Mort, our stepdad, was servicing three women in the family and we were all content. Sis and i were sure we would never have our vaginas filled like that ever again. We had wonderful orgasms with Mort fucking us. After mum watched us several times we experimented a little with her too and it was all good.

    In the meantime, we now are out of college and dating but sis and I still make out with each other when the mood and opportunity comes along. We remember dad's healthy open spirit with sex and it went a long way to cast out any hang-ups and fear in us...things found in general society in Western nations.

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    My dad was a e up with the sexual misgivings so prevelant in the south (Southern Baptiat controlled are OI wsna). When I had a questions about anything, he told me the truthand often he would also referr to books to assure his answer, even researching issues together. That bond was the founbdation for open converstaions regarding sex. When I uas in JUnior High Shcool guys qiuks talk about sex and, thanks to my dad, I knew they were ignorant and liars trying to impress others. I knew the truth about many of their pontifications years earlier. Dad talk to me about masturbation as a natural human drive and even told me about techniques. Dad kept me in jack of lotion, which he would hide in a bottom drawer. More times then not he replaced it before I told him I needed more. Qw looked at porn magazines (difficult to come by when I was a kid). The first time I saw a picture of two men in a 69 as a woman watched I becacme hard as a rock and he saw it - we were sitting beside each other, When he saw my reaction he asked me what in the picture excited me and I (honestly) replyed, "guys sucking each other.) He said, "It excites me to and moved the book and I saw my had hard the first time. Dad left the room and came back with some tissue paper told me to enjoy myself walked out closing the door. I knew aoubt gays and what they did but that was my first time seeing it in action. A bisexual picture in the middle of a straight magazine awakened me to bi sex. We,later, had more conversations with dad tlling me having sex with a bud does not make you gay or a sissy. They first time one of my friends wanted us it jack off together, which we did. Whe I todl dad his reaction was, "I was 2 years younger than you when I did the same thing."
    Dad knew the first time me and a girl down the street played you show me and I'll show...the first time we kissed each others privates and the first time I got some pussy. He also knew the first time I sucked a dick, got sucked, fucked and got fucked. However, I was in my mid thwenties before dad and I jacked off together a dew months before we sucked each other. We had 3 ad 4 way with females and males. I am a happily married grandfather and have experiend the great pleasure of both sexes for over 50 years - thanks to an honest dad.
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    Intelligent parents are a blessing, indeed.

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