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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    When I first started getting serious with my girlfriend I confessed to her all about my cross dressing and of course she asked if I had been with any men and I told her yes and she said she was ok with it and let me dress up but made me buy my own clothes. She even got involved and began picking out outfits she wanted me to wear on days that I wasnt going to dress feminine. She decided one day that I needed to wear a bra and panties every day all day long so I threw all my boy underwear away. When she told me she wanted me to be the maid since I was dressed up so much . She told me that I was dressed up so much that it wasnt as fun for her like it used to be and to make it up to her I should have to dp something for her and being the maid would be perfect.I told her I would love to be the maid if she bought me some uniforms.Now I do everything as the maid three times a week dressed in my satin and lace,PVC or latex french maids outfit. I am still so humiliated when I answer the door in my PVC maids outfit and it is one of my friends or Sarahs friends with their husbands . I am used to her family coming over when I am feminized,she makes sure that I am dressed up when she invites them over.

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